Category: Color

25 Sep

8 Homes With Exterior Paint Colors Done Right

There is nothing scarier for some people than picking paint colors for the exterior of their property. What goes? What colors work together with the style of the house? What will the neighbors think? These are. I like to give people two hints on picking exterior color. First and most important, look closely at the […]
22 Jul

Color Guide: How to Work With Beige

Oh, beige. So overused, so undervalued. Beige is similar to the plain, dutiful town clerk. She retains the city running easily, but no one throws her a parade. But boring old beige does not have to be boring. It’s just that it is too often used as a default, with no real thought about tone, […]
18 Jun

Receive a Knack for Black

It takes some serious nerve wracking to choose black, particularly for walls. But nothing sets off colour like black. And nothing has its thickness. It may add an awareness of architecture where there’s not any to speak of, and while it does really make a room feel bigger, sometimes that is exactly that we want […]
5 Jun

8 Colors to Use With Black

White and black spaces are very popular right now, but I think black looks even better when combined with a striking color. Black always adds sophistication to a room, and with the inclusion of saturated colours, this appearance is bold and dramatic. So, if you’re seeking that’wow’ factor in your home, here are some suggestions […]
15 Nov

Great Color Combination: A Black and Green Palette

We’ve had some rainy days in the last couple of weeks in Los Angeles. In my hometown of Pasadena, there are lots of coastal roads of magnificent camphor trees. I’m constantly reminded of just how much I like green and black collectively while driving down those streets after a fantastic rain. Camphor trees, especially in […]
9 Oct

10 New Color Palettes

It seems as though with every passing week, the next layer becomes added to the clothing lineup. It began with a change from shorts to pants. Soon the sweaters were pulled on and the scarves have been all wrapped. And I have to say I was fairly smitten to rock my favorite knit hat last […]
31 May

Black and White and Found All Over: Zebra Printing

It’s no secret that animal prints are enormous in home decor right now. And one of the favorites is zebra print. An enjoyable way to add whimsy to every sort of decoration is currently popping all over the area. On even upholstery, rugs and couches. And with its neutral colors, zebra print is a lot […]