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13 Jan

How to Care for Sheepskin Lamp Shades

Sheepskin lamp shades are made of this rawhide skin of the sheep and doesn’t have any wool or suede attached. The rawhide is pliable when wet, and in that condition, it’s worked on a lampshade frame and stitched or sewn into place. The colors give off a warm glow creating a pastoral appearance when they’re […]
10 Jan

The Guide to Landscape Lighting Troubleshooting and Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Fixtures as diverse as spotlights and lights illuminate your landscape for night entertaining and general safety. However lighting your outdoor area has its own drawbacks since the fixtures, bulbs and wiring should withstand continuous weathering through the seasons. Simple troubleshooting techniques enable you to repair your landscape lighting, even if an issue arises, to prevent […]
21 Dec

The way to Fix a Wobbly Ottoman

A wobbly ottoman or footstool is usually brought on by a faulty bolt link on at least one of the ottoman’s bun feet. If the wood to which the bolt is connected has been stripped, the issue won’t go away by itself, but will continue to get worse since the ottoman is utilized. Fortunately, you […]
1 Dec

How to Plan a Landscaping Project

A detailed plan for your next landscaping project ensures you know exactly what you’re doing and that you keep on track when work starts. You have probably already thought about what you want to do, but the preparation process enables you to design and nail down the information. Whether you want to add a simple […]
4 Nov

Mortgage & Bankruptcy Discharge

Mortgage loans are common, but complicated, lawful contracts. A mortgage loan is much more than a simple promise to refund cash. Because of the complex nature of the mortgage, neither Chapter 7 nor Chapter 13 bankruptcy effectively discharges a mortgage loan. This means that bankruptcy doesn’t enable you to maintain your house without continuing to […]
18 Oct

What Is the Mortgage Guarantee Program?

The Home Loan Guarantee Program, also referred to as Section 184, is a federal mortgage product for households of American Indian source and Alaska Native, and for tribes of Alaska cities or tribally designated areas of housing. The loan is guaranteed to the lending institution by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in […]
23 Sep

Guest Picks: Spice Up Your Spice Rack

I love spicy foods. I love eating them and I love cooking with them. What I don’t enjoy is scouring through my cluttered and ugly spice collection to find what I want. I’m definitely picking among these beautiful spice racks to help keep me organized. — Eleni from My Paradissi Contemporary – GBP 26 You […]