Guest Picks: Adorn Kids' Rooms With Adaptable Animal Art

27 Sep

Guest Picks: Adorn Kids' Rooms With Adaptable Animal Art

Designing my kids’ nursery gave me a license to indulge in a little bit of playfulness, especially when it came to fuzzy fauna. I didn’t need to spoil the adorable and cuddly, so instead of overwhelm with saccharine animal motifs, I spent in a more edited selection of whimsical but intricate creature art. I picked timeless pieces that may also see my kids out of the nursery, all the way through school and perhaps into the nurseries of the own children also. — Justine out of Design Skool

L’Affiche Moderne

Oscar Lou – EUR 39

French artist Caroline Gomez has made a foray into children’s prints with Malmo and Oscar Lou, the budding National Geographic naturalist pictured here.

Coral & Tusk

Bunny With Clover Artwork – $30

Coral & Tusk’s little embroidered bunny is simply too cute to resist.

Sharon Montrose

Baby Monkey No. 2

Photographer Sharon Montrose so deftly captures each character’s inborn personality that her animal portraits need no additional adornment.

L’Affiche Moderne

Adventure Forest – EUR 39

Pique your child’s sense of adventure and love of the outdoors with Yorkshire artist Tiffany Jayne’s whimsical camp illustration.


Toro Printing, Neutralz Edition by Corduroy – $30

It’s hard to choose just one of Atlanta artist Jen Ray’s plucky characters. I am tempted to collect them all.


Along With The Wind Blows by Blackoutwell – GBP 15

Graphically straightforward and bold, the spirits of English artist Amy Blackwell’s prints have nearly a totemic quality.

Andrea Kang

‘Yellow Cloaks’

With bears and balloons and a tiny dress-up, this clip paper and ink collage by RISD grad Andrea Kang captures the many joys of youth.


Metallic Gold Starburst Birds Original Art by Sugarloop – $15

Inspired by midcentury layouts, Sugarloop’s petite prints have a timeless allure.


Girl and Elephant Playing Art Print by Jesús Perea – $30

Kings of the own worlds, the kids of Spanish artist Jesús Perea’s prints frolic in lands of dream.


Small Homes Printing by Judy Kaufmann – $25

Locate the little deer. Though not your typical bright and cheery kids’ print, the bold and simple images of Spanish artist Judy Kaufmann are nonetheless right on a kid’s level.

The Art Trail

‘Ghosts Come With’ Relief Print

Lively and creative, Sylvia Taylor’s creature prints always add a touch of whimsy and wonder to any kid’s room.


Girl With a Rabbit Mask by Kiki & Polly – $20

Among my long-time favorites Lisa Golightly of Kiki & Polly captures the everyday magic of kids at play.

audrey jeanne Shop

Oiseau Poster – EUR 20

Perched on a branch, Audrey Jeanne’s petite oiseau looks ready for a lullaby.

Bold & Noble

Birds About Britain, Azure Blue – GBP 43

Prospective ornithologists may enjoy Bold and Noble’s Birds About Britain print.

Present & Correct

Endangered A-Z – GBP 15

By adder to zonate tooth parasites, the Endangered Species alphabet poster makes the situation that all animals, however vague or small, are worth rescuing.


Printing of Painting’Birds’ Choice’ by Tin Tabernacle – $22

A simple starling appears to be dreaming of bigger things in UK artist Karen Boatwright’s (of Tin Tabernacle) painting.


Wildlife Print by As We GoArts – $17.50

I really like the quiet grandeur of this vintage-style print by As We Move Arts.


Pommebirds Letterpress Printing – $30

The”Queen of Letterpress,” Tara Hogan of Ink & Wit, created this family of tomato-red birds which pays homage to classic Scandinavian and midcentury layouts.


Red Bear Screen-Print by Banquet – $60

Banquet’s Ursula Major in crimson is as jolly as she’s round, and she will watch over your kids at night.


Orange Animalphabet Nursery Printing by Ritzie – $20

With bold flora and fonts buddies, Ritzie G’s Animalphabet print teaches about letters and creatures in precisely the exact same time.

Creative Thursday

‘Hellooo There’ Print

I spent in this polar bear family painting out of Creative Thursday if my kids were born. I own the original, but you can find a print of this or many other of Marisa’s whimsical works.

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