Month: October 2022

26 Oct

How Can I Claim My House on Taxes?

Homeowners enjoy benefits. The bulk of the benefits provide enough incentive to convince taxpayers to change from a typical tax deduction to itemized deductions. Through itemizing deductions, homeowners can save hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. Itemizing enables homeowners to cut significant amounts off of taxable income. This reduces a taxpayer’s tax liability and […]
18 Oct

What Is the Mortgage Guarantee Program?

The Home Loan Guarantee Program, also referred to as Section 184, is a federal mortgage product for households of American Indian source and Alaska Native, and for tribes of Alaska cities or tribally designated areas of housing. The loan is guaranteed to the lending institution by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in […]
10 Oct

Can You Negotiate Apartment Rent?

The good news is that you have discovered your dream apartment in the perfect place. The good thing is that your heart jumped a beat when you were quoted a rent amount. In case the rent on your ideal living area –or perhaps the flat you are currently in–is making you feel the pinch, then […]
5 Oct

Kinds of Property Values

Property evaluation is at the core of the real estate business and is essential for investors, brokers and property owners to conduct business. Property appraisers utilize different methods to provide estimates, which vary depending on the purpose of the valuation. Property investors need to have a very clear comprehension of the principles of valuation and […]