Month: December 2019

12 Dec

Automatic Shower Cleaner Issues

The S.C. Johnson Co.’s Scrubbing Bubbles line provides the Automatic Shower Cleaner, a device that hangs out of the showerhead and promises to mechanically clean your bathtub via spraying on a mould and mildew cleaner in the touch of a button. While Johnson touts the product’s angle along with scented formula, the product has received […]
9 Dec

Is Polyester or Cotton Bedding Better?

Choosing the right bedding material is imperative to restful sleep. It also may make a difference in how much time you spend washing and taking care of your bedding, and how long it lasts. Cotton and polyester are two common types of bedding cloths which have properties that are different. On which is better for […]
4 Dec

The Way to Use Old Log Timbers Within a Modern Home

Log d├ęcor and cut add homes and appeal without compromising integrity. Called”reclaimed lumber,” old log timbers decrease the requirement to harvest trees that are virgin. Just since the clips are older doesn’t mean they are substandard. Aged timber is usually drier than new”green” wood therefore it isn’t as prone to warping or twisting. You may […]