Month: April 2016

26 Apr

Clearance Allowed for a Cabinet Drawer Opening in a Wall

If you have to finish a run of cabinets against a wall, the clearance for opening drawers can be tight. Flush drawer fronts surrounded by face frames have plenty of clearance between the wall and the drawer front’s edge, as do partial, or regular, overlay drawers. However, with full overlay drawers, drawer fronts might scrape […]
5 Apr

How to Cut a Shower Curtain in Half Vertically

A shortcut to an inexpensive pair of curtains or an ornate upgrade for your shower starts with fundamental cutting and measuring. This old-but-still-good shower curtain is ready for Act 2 once you slice it down the middle and repurpose it as flounces in the nursery or as two side drapes to frame a plain, waterproof […]