Month: September 2018

17 Sep

8 Upgrades on Classic Rooflines

Homeowners usually have a good idea of what they’d like for their houses’ interiors concerning square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, and style. But the form of the roof can be hard to visualize. The roofing is a intricate element and may involve an engineer to ascertain end load and structural supports, and also […]
15 Sep

Regional Modern: Vibrant Layers in NYC of New and Old

When considering the residential architecture of New York, it’s necessary to split it into two groups: urban homes and suburban/country homes. Here we look at the first, which encompasses apartments, lofts, and townhouses. The majority of the examples that follow are lofts, since they’re such a special part of New York City’s transformation from a […]
12 Sep

Italian Campaign Beds Show Winning Style

Campaign furniture has become such a well-loved interior component that it’s easy to overlook its workhorse roots. Developed for field use during military campaigns, such pieces — chests, tables, desks and more — are simple to break down or fold flat, so that they were convenient to transport as soldiers migrated along with conflict lines. […]
8 Sep

House Planning: When You Want to Open a Space

If you live in a home that is a series of small rooms, you may believe that it would be great to open up the space by mixing two small rooms into one. However, what if the wall breaking them is structural? Great news: That structural wall can be eliminated and you can open up […]
4 Sep

Houzz Tour: Family Home Requires New Soft-Modern Style

Following a year of settling into their new house outside Boston, a family of four had been looking for fresh decoration to honor the home’s contemporary architecture. Enter interior designer Rachel Reider, who brought in her touch “soft modern” design, mixing traditional, modern, eclectic and contemporary pieces within a neutral color palette. Reider emphasized textural […]
1 Sep

How to Choose the Perfect Bar Stool

I’ve been specifying a great deal of bar stools for projects recently, and I feel as I’m running out of choices! There are many challenges in finding the most suitable one for the ideal clients. For some people, comfort is king; for others, it is all about looks. Some people today need to swivel while […]