Category: Tropical Style

4 Dec

What Are Cascading Ornamental Grasses?

Ornamental grasses are available in many shapes, sizes, colors and development patterns. They include plants which are accurate grasses in addition to some which are grass-like, with long thin leaves and a grassy appearance. A versatile set of landscape plants, a few grasses are especially attractive since their weeping foliage arches, cascading towards the ground […]
1 Dec

Berry Bearing Bushes

Berry bushes are any shrub-like plant that produces berries. These berries vary in size, colour and are either edible or ornamental. When choosing which berry bush to plant, consider the needs of your garden. If you would like a plant that produces crop, choose edible berry bushes, while deer resistant ornamental grapes will provide exactly […]
28 Nov

How Big Does a Kiwi Vine Get?

Available in more than 50 varieties, the kiwi fruit (Actinidia spp.) Is native to South Asia and developed commercially in select states — including California, Oregon and Washington. A tender vine that damages readily when exposed to frost, the kiwi is a quick grower that, if not managed properly, can easily soften your backyard. Vine […]
21 Nov

How to Plant Coral Bean

The brilliant red flowers of the coral bean (Erythrina herbacea) are custom-made for hummingbirds, with the long, bright flowers satisfied to the birds’ slim, nectar-sipping bills. The plant, which is indigenous to the Gulf Coast and Mexico and suitable for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11, is a deciduous shrub with […]
23 Jan

Privacy Fence Shrubs

Dense shrubs with a minimal maintenance requirement are ideal for producing a natural fence. When planted in masses, these shrubs block the view of unsightly streets while providing a few seclusion to your yard with their attractive foliage and blooms. Evergreen Shrubs for Sun When the region wanting the privacy fence receives between 6 to […]
19 Jan

List of Self Pollinating Cherry Trees

Trees with perfect blooms — meaning each blossom owns both male and female parts, the stamen and the pistil, respectively — don’t require pollinators to produce fruit. Among such self-fruitful or self-fertile trees, the cherry is a prolific producer not only of fruit, but of showy, bountiful flowers perfect for home orchards or simply for […]
17 Jan

Common Pond Plants in North America

Whether its as little as a half oak barrel or several hundred gallons, a pond provides a bit of beauty and interest to the garden. Ponds also let you test your hand at developing a few of the numerous pond plants available at specialty nurseries and garden centres around North America. Pond plants serve to […]
25 Dec

Asexual Reproduction of Tomatoes

If your growing season isn’t long enough to start more tomatoes from seed, it is possible to prolong your crop season by growing cuttings from adult plants. (See Reference 3) Tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum(sometimes referred to as Lycopersicon lycopersicum) (See References 4 and 7) are annuals which can be grown in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant […]
28 Nov

How to Plant Young Sundews in a Terrarium

Glisten with red, sticky tendrils known as trichomes. Bright colors and their shape make them look one of reasons they are popular with terrarium enthusiasts. You might forget that they are also cunning hunters if you focused in their attractiveness. They don’t have to live, making them perfect terrarium plants. A well-established terrarium best imitates […]