Category: Tropical Style

8 Jun

Perennial Daisy Varieties

Old-fashioned favorites from the garden, daisies are simple flowers recognized by slim petals bordering a notable center. Although the most comfortable daisies are white with yellow centers, daisies are also available with brightly-colored petals and centers of gold, brown or green. Although many daisies are annuals that bloom for just a single season, several perennial […]
5 Jun

Very best Way to Transplant Fruit Trees

It is always best to transfer trees and shrubs as infrequently as you can, however there are many reasons you might have to transplant a fruit tree. Since many fruit trees are hard to grow from seed, each tree will have to be transplanted from its original grass to its last growing location. You may […]
1 Jun

Can Salt Burn an Avocado Tree?

Growing your own fruit provides you tasty, fresh treats while you get to exercise your green thumb. Avocado trees (Persea americana) grow best in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11. The trees manage an assortment of soil types, as long as the dirt is well-draining. 1 thing that they can’t tolerate […]
30 May

The way to Get Rid of Tree Sprouts in Grass

Tree seedlings or sprouts emerging from tree roots which appear in a lawn or bed of ornamental grass may negatively affect the visual appeal of a yard and interfere with care tasks such as mowing. Mechanical removal is often the only viable choice where the sprouts are growing from the roots of a desirable parent […]
28 May

How to Prune an Overgrown Rhododendron Without Hurting It

You’ve got a rhododendron blooming with beautiful flowers, but it’s overshadowing everything else from your yard. Perhaps all you see is rhododendron when you look out your front window. Don’t feel bashful about taking your own loppers for it; it will likely end up more beautiful and healthier than ever before. But first, decide what […]
24 May

Slime Algae on Backyard Ponds

Slime algae not just lower the aesthetic worth of the backyard pond but may also pose a threat to you and your pets. Some species of slime algae are not anything more than a nuisance, while others can cause severe health complications. Before you can control the slime algae in your backyard pond, then you […]
16 May

Is Lime Good for Bell Pepper Plants?

Two main types of soil alterations exist — those who are rich in nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and the ones that correct soil pH therefore plants can absorb those nutrients. Garden lime falls into the latter class. In cases of very acidic soil, limestone may help to make vegetables like bell peppers thrive. […]
10 May

How to Cover a Sewer Pipe from the Back Yard

Many people need a backyard that looks fine, with lush, green plants and vibrantly coloured flowers. It provides a peaceful place to sit and unwind or entertain friends and family. What they do not wish to view, or have guests view, is a sewer pipe and its access point. If that is what you find […]
6 May

The way to Prune a Yaupon Holly Tree

The bright red berries of yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria) include a festive note to your winter garden, though the comparatively smooth edges of the evergreen’s oval leaves do not resemble the lobed, spiky leaf of traditional Christmas holly. The yaupon holly is acceptable for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 11 and […]
28 Apr

How to Naturally Fertilize a Citrus Tree

Citrus trees add an original odor and also the bonus of fruit at particular times annually. Although orange and lemon trees are more prevalent than many others, you can choose from various citrus, including grapefruit and tangelos. To care for these trees, then use a organic fertilizer so there’s no question concerning the high quality […]