Category: Tropical Style

7 Sep

Southwest Gardener's May Checklist

May is the perfect time to include summer-flowering shrubs and perennials to a desert garden, before the heat of summer arrives. How about planting some cacti or succulents on your landscape? They add great texture to the garden with their various shapes and offer yet another bonus — they’re low maintenance. By May the threat […]
15 Jan

6 Branches and Berries to Spruce Up Holiday Decor

When business comes and I want to create some atmosphere using a table structure, I eschew the offers in the local supermarkets and opt to swing through my own gardens, snipping branches, gathering what I need to make an artful centerpiece that takes minutes to prepare. Woody trees and shrubs with interesting bark or even […]
2 Jan

Top 5 Trees for Fall Color in California

Such as the myths that everybody in Silicon Valley is an entrepreneur and every server in Los Angeles is an actor, people say that California has no seasons — and no fall foliage. But look about in fall. A number of great garden trees which dependably brighten areas and public spaces using colorful fall leaves […]
25 Dec

Great Design Plant: Cabbage Tree

Garden sculptures and decorations are treasures in the landscape, but they can have big price tags. To get a more affordable alternative, let us proceed to the botanical world, where there is an architectural summer-flowering tree that fits the bill. Cabbage tree (Cordyline australis) is a low-water, sun-loving New Zealand native impaling landscapes with color […]
22 Dec

3 Overlooked Spaces With Great Garden Possible

It is all very well for those of us with lovely, light airy spaces where we can create our ideal outdoor backyard, but what about others that have only a drafty side accessibility or a utilitarian stairway — how can you produce a semblance of a garden? Since many of these areas are initially unattractive, […]
22 Oct

Eco-Friendly Projects, 6 Powerful

Every one of the next homes was designed with all the priorities of energy efficiency, health and treading gently on the ground, yet they are all strikingly distinct from one another. Keep reading to find out how designers are saving assets, saving costs, and working with sustainable materials to make the tiniest of homes and […]