Author: Hored1948

23 Sep

Guest Picks: Spice Up Your Spice Rack

I love spicy foods. I love eating them and I love cooking with them. What I don’t enjoy is scouring through my cluttered and ugly spice collection to find what I want. I’m definitely picking among these beautiful spice racks to help keep me organized. — Eleni from My Paradissi Contemporary – GBP 26 You […]
5 Jul

How to Wash Garden Statues

For most homeowners, their outdoor design isn’t complete without a couple of strategically positioned statues. For the first couple of months, the statues looked immaculate, that’s until Mother Nature kisses them with rain and dirt or the local cat visits. Your marble, vinyl resin, bronze or concrete garden statues appear dirty, dingy and in desperate […]
3 Jul

How Can I Clean Granite Finishes Like Moderate Fixtures and Candleholders?

The methods of cleaning copper items require singular attention to detail. Even though you can certainly purchase over-the-counter products specifically created for cleaning copper, the trustworthy homemade recipes often operate best and do not include offensive chemicals. Another great thing about them — you generally have the majority of equipment in your cabinets or refrigerator […]
30 Jun

French Polishing and Finishing Furniture

French polishing is a method of hand-finishing wood surfaces with many thin layers of shellac to generate a polished surface with all the look of depth. It is a beautiful surface but less durable as other finishes like varnish. It can easily be damaged by alcohol or water nonetheless, it’s a lot easier to fix […]
28 Jun

How to Get Minor Blemishes From Aluminum Siding

Aluminum has been a frequent choice in home siding for decades. Its many advantages include moderate cost, effective insulating material properties and effortless care. Aluminum siding isn’t entirely maintenance-free, nevertheless. Exposure to the elements, a stray basketball or pebbles kicked up with a lawn mower can cause slight scratches and tiny dents. Oxidation known as”chalking” […]
24 Jun

To Kill Weeds & Grass on Patios & Driveways

Persistent weeds find a way to grow even in small places, such as cracks or openings in your patio and drive. Due to the small area, you can not simply dig up the whole weed roots and all. A combination of weed removal techniques gives you options to control the unwanted weed and grass growth. […]
20 Jun

Sanding and Restaining a Dresser

If your dresser requires a new coat of stain, then you could be preventing the job due to the stripper. However, you don’t always need to use a stripper if you don’t plan to lighten the color. You may not require a sander, depending upon the condition of the dresser and the finish. You can […]
18 Jun

Assist With Cleaning Fake Trees

They don’t leave water rings on your own ground, but fake trees are not as easy to wash as small artificial plants. Live indoor trees occasionally grow beyond that which your ceiling height enables, while the right silk or artificial trees match where you want and typically look like the real thing. Misplaced Dust You […]