Month: December 2018

29 Dec

The Way to Pick Tile for a Steam Shower

Steam is significantly more invasive than plain water, thus a steam shower requires more care to build than the average shower. There’s far more to the equation than simply including a steam generator and control pad. Building a steam shower calls for a new and complete system — from the drain to the ceilings to […]
25 Dec

Great Design Plant: Cabbage Tree

Garden sculptures and decorations are treasures in the landscape, but they can have big price tags. To get a more affordable alternative, let us proceed to the botanical world, where there is an architectural summer-flowering tree that fits the bill. Cabbage tree (Cordyline australis) is a low-water, sun-loving New Zealand native impaling landscapes with color […]
22 Dec

3 Overlooked Spaces With Great Garden Possible

It is all very well for those of us with lovely, light airy spaces where we can create our ideal outdoor backyard, but what about others that have only a drafty side accessibility or a utilitarian stairway — how can you produce a semblance of a garden? Since many of these areas are initially unattractive, […]
17 Dec

Novel to Know: 'Barclay Butera: Sitting on the Coast'

‘The aesthetic of seaside homes reflect a magical alchemy between the native and the exotic, the traditional as well as the whimsical, the mysterious and the recognizable.” — Barclay Butera Butera captures this magical alchemy in his new book, Living on the Coast (Gibbs Smith, 2012) and reveals how to make it. He divides beachfront […]
15 Dec

Locate Your Architectural Design

The house you choose to stay in is an outward expression of your own personality. So it’s important to choose the right architectural design. A proper home design should fit you like a glove, so presuming that you’re Audrey Hepburn, because only she can pull off wearing gloves. And these gloves are resting on the […]
11 Dec

Layout Icons: Joseph Eichler

Joseph Eichler (1900–1974) made modernist architectural background as a real estate developer and builder who has daring artistic and social ideals for America’s postwar subdivisions. Though he never held a hammer, he achieved his unwavering wish to create stylish, practical and reasonably priced housing that advocated social acceptance. Inspired by the progressive architecture of this […]
7 Dec

Steel Connections Make Strong Impression

Anybody who appreciates modern architecture certainly appreciates exposed steel links, be they steel or steel to some other material. The material’s strength makes it perfect as a structural element in a variety of ways. Welding, bolting, bending and other fastenings and manipulations offer metal joints lots of character. This report concentrates on those links, looking […]
3 Dec

12-Step App for Architecture

Welcome to our weekly meeting for those suffering from an architecture addiction. It’s taken a while for us to come to terms with our addictions. But we are here today, publicly standing facing the group requesting one another’s perception, asking for patience as we work through this, requesting assistance. I see a new face in […]