Month: September 2019

30 Sep

Make Home Sweet Home Even Sweeter

Anyone can create beer and wine. In fact, individuals have been brewing beer for at least 7,000 years and making wine for much longer. From the ancient world, beer and wine were daily beverages for aristocrats and crucial elements of religious ceremonies. Prior to the industrial revolution, the two were routinely made in European homes […]
24 Sep

Zoning Laws for Home Businesses

Technological advances have made it easier for budding entrepreneurs to start a business right from your home. Access to high-speed net and virtual offices means many businesses no longer need to pay the large overhead associated with a fulltime office space or shop front. Prior to launching that new organization, though, you need to comprehend […]
19 Sep

7 Tropical Bulbs for a Summer Garden That Wows

Traditional bulbs may wither in the heat of summer, but that is when bulbs in the subtropics really shine. They are useful for adding daring and striking colours and patterns to gardens everywhere; in temperate regions they may be dug up in autumn and replanted in spring, and in warmer climates they may be left […]
15 Sep

10 Rock Wall Ideas for a Style-Strong Patio

Rock walls have been utilized to specify outdoor spaces and include organic appeal to the landscape — push through any New England village and you will likely see low stone walls dotting the countryside. Landscape architects and designers today are updating these rustic stone structures for present lifestyles. From innovative designs integrating fountains, fire pits […]
12 Sep

Southwest Gardener's July Checklist

July indicates the midpoint of summer and the onset of the monsoon season for the Southwest, which brings with it enhanced humidity together with sporadic torrential rainstorms. While the increased humidity which is included with monsoons can make being outside more embarrassing for you, your plants will welcome the relief from the intense dryness. Summer […]
10 Sep

Budget-Minded Comfort to Get a 1940s Hollywood Bungalow

Chad Foydl conducted his Realtor ragged while house hunting around Los Angeles. He wanted to find something just right — centrally located with a decent-enough skeleton that he can spiff up. The persistance paid off. “I knew the moment I walked into the home it was for me personally,” he states. Like most first-time homeowners, […]
7 Sep

Southwest Gardener's May Checklist

May is the perfect time to include summer-flowering shrubs and perennials to a desert garden, before the heat of summer arrives. How about planting some cacti or succulents on your landscape? They add great texture to the garden with their various shapes and offer yet another bonus — they’re low maintenance. By May the threat […]