Month: September 2020

30 Sep

Guest Picks: Garden Party Spruce-Up

My loved ones and I recently moved into a cute small Victorian using a wraparound porch. The mature landscaping and covered patio are a few of my favourite aspects of our new home. Among the primary things I plan on doing this spring is sprucing up the yard and hosting a garden party. Adding a […]
27 Sep

Guest Picks: Top 20 Flat-Weave Rugs

Flat-weave rugs might not be the softest underfoot, but these thin, durable, low-maintenance rugs are the best answer for some spaces. You can find flat-weave rugs at a dizzying variety of colours (saturated or muted) and patterns (classic or contemporary). Flat-weave rugs often one of the most economical options in floor coverings, even better. Did […]
25 Sep

8 Homes With Exterior Paint Colors Done Right

There is nothing scarier for some people than picking paint colors for the exterior of their property. What goes? What colors work together with the style of the house? What will the neighbors think? These are. I like to give people two hints on picking exterior color. First and most important, look closely at the […]