The Best Plant Food for Wave Petunias

7 Dec

The Best Plant Food for Wave Petunias

Wave petunias (Petunia x hybrida) are a vibrant garden annual using a cascading growth habit. Their tolerance for heat and minimum maintenance requirements make them a nice addition to this landscape for seasonal colour. The blossom season of these spreading petunias could be maximized through regular feedings. The stage of growth your petunias are in […]
4 Dec

How to Care for a Jasmine Bush Plant

Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) produces a sweet perfume from its delicate white flowers, which bloom from spring through fall. The glossy green leaves provide evergreen curiosity about U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 10. Although frequently known as a vine, jasmine has a bushy growth that tends to sprawl unless it’s properly pruned. […]
1 Dec

How to Plan a Landscaping Project

A detailed plan for your next landscaping project ensures you know exactly what you’re doing and that you keep on track when work starts. You have probably already thought about what you want to do, but the preparation process enables you to design and nail down the information. Whether you want to add a simple […]
28 Nov

How to Store Dinnerware at a Hutch

Several dinnerware sets are much too attractive to hide away behind cabinet doors. A hutch is designed to sit on top of a buffet or china cabinet, and typically has shelves with plate rails, though some have glass doors. Storing your dinnerware at a hutch keeps it close enough to both utilize and admire. Plates […]
25 Nov

The way to Make Earthy Curtains

Now’s rustic interiors inspired by cottage or country living have an easy, earthy appeal. The cutesy affectations of the so-called state look of past decades — such as fussy, ruffled curtains covered with checks or chickens — don’t match the style. Opt instead for easy, unconstructed curtains for a natural, earthy impact. Fabric Neutral-colored solid […]
12 Nov

Decorating Using Navy Blue and Silver

At times, navy blue appears nearly black, depending on the light, which makes it an perfect partner for silver. Silver, in paint or in decor, is clean, unadulterated gray — white mellowed by a little black, unsullied by other shades, like yellow, brown or red. Even as a metallic or metallic color, silver works using […]
4 Nov

Mortgage & Bankruptcy Discharge

Mortgage loans are common, but complicated, lawful contracts. A mortgage loan is much more than a simple promise to refund cash. Because of the complex nature of the mortgage, neither Chapter 7 nor Chapter 13 bankruptcy effectively discharges a mortgage loan. This means that bankruptcy doesn’t enable you to maintain your house without continuing to […]
26 Oct

How Can I Claim My House on Taxes?

Homeowners enjoy benefits. The bulk of the benefits provide enough incentive to convince taxpayers to change from a typical tax deduction to itemized deductions. Through itemizing deductions, homeowners can save hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. Itemizing enables homeowners to cut significant amounts off of taxable income. This reduces a taxpayer’s tax liability and […]