Does Closing the Floor Vents Damage a Heating System?

20 Feb

Does Closing the Floor Vents Damage a Heating System?

By shutting off the heating vents which warm rooms people attempt to save money. Even though the concept sounds plausible, study performed by the U.S. Department of Energy shows that shutting some of the vents in your home actually reduces the efficiency of heat and cooling methods. The study further shows that closing greater than […]
18 Feb

Closed Cell Vs. Open Cell Foam Insulation in Attics

Provided that they’re properly installed, both closed cell and open cell foam insulation act as an effective air barrier in your attic. They all have attributes that may make one more preferable than another. The decision typically comes down to factors like budget, moisture permeability and insulating value. The Simple Difference To be tagged as […]
14 Feb

Is Lady's Thumb Edible?

In regards to foraging for edibles, lady’s thumb (Polygonum persicaria) is one of the most easy to recognize plants, which makes it particularly suitable for the beginner gatherer. The thumbprint mark on the leaf of lady’s thumb is really the perfect way to differentiate it from plants similar in appearance. In the center of each […]
10 Feb

How Long Should a Lawnmower Last?

Since a lawnmower is not a small investment, most homeowners want to ensure they locate a lawnmower that lasts quite a very long time. The average life of a lawnmower depends on many facets, including its manufacturer, size and usage. Even though the manufacturer’s warranty provides an average life expectancy, a lawnmower may last longer […]
3 Feb

The finest Container Tomato Plants

Home gardeners may turn to container growing due to limited space, inferior quality soil, problems with certain insects or local climate conditions. Fortunately for tomato growers, America’s most common garden vegetable is well suited for containers due to the plant’s manageable size and higher yield. In particular, determinate, paste, dwarf and some cherry varieties are […]
29 Jan

How to Fill Bamboo Floor Joints

Bamboo is a grass, but when manufacturers press stands together to form flooring boards, the boards can be as tough as maple or oak, and they respond to moisture in a similar manner. They shrink when they dry out, and gaps may form between them. You can generally fill a couple of gaps without much […]
25 Jan

Companion Plants for Squash & Cucumbers

Companion plants are the ones that benefit each other when planted in near proximity. They bring beneficial insects and store away pests, and they provide cultural advantages such as nutrients, shade and support to their garden pals. Cucurbits, including cucumbers and squash, are vegetables commonly found in home gardens, and they’re frequently planted with companion […]
23 Jan

Privacy Fence Shrubs

Dense shrubs with a minimal maintenance requirement are ideal for producing a natural fence. When planted in masses, these shrubs block the view of unsightly streets while providing a few seclusion to your yard with their attractive foliage and blooms. Evergreen Shrubs for Sun When the region wanting the privacy fence receives between 6 to […]
21 Jan

Oiling Terracotta Planters

Terracotta planters have a wealthy, orange-red colour that tends to fade or become covered with mineral deposits over time. Although some gardeners like this crusty, Old World look, others prefer a more pristine, well-cared-for appearance. This coating can be somewhat scrubbed away, but stains will remain. By oiling your stained terracotta planter, you can restore […]