Flights of Fancy: Painted Stair Runners

18 Feb

Flights of Fancy: Painted Stair Runners

Stair runners are excellent at maintaining steps quiet and comfortable underfoot, but sometimes they feel somewhat formal. Stair runners that are painted are a terrific choice. They create the illusion of a runner but certainly are far more casual — and the layout options are as boundless as your imagination. Painted stair runners aren’t right […]
16 Feb

The Way to Choose a Home Water Filtering System

Filtering your water at home is an easy way to acquire great-tasting purified water, without the waste or price of buying bottled. But that purification process is best? Do water filtration pitchers work as well as undersink or whole-house models? How can you know what the system is filtering out … and what exactly should […]
8 Feb


Also known as a grille, a muntin is a thin strip of wood, metal or plastic used to divide window panes to coordinated areas. In many contemporary plastic or metal double-paned windows, vinyl or metal muntins are positioned between two big solid sheets of glass or panes. Older windows comprise wood muntins which possess an […]
2 Feb

9 Molding Types to Raise the Bar on Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Moldings will make any project look habit. When applied to kitchen cabinetry particularly, these architectural details can help enhance the most elementary cabinet style. With all the multitude of unique designs and configurations available, crown molding, edge molding and more might help customize your next kitchen undertaking. Julie Williams Design 1. Traditional crown molding. Traditional […]
31 Jan

Gadgets Help You Watch Your Wellbeing at Home

Have you learned about the quantified-self movement? Millions of health and exercise fanatics are constantly searching for ways to improve their fitness levels. Meanwhile, gadget and technology fans are always looking for new ways to use new technology to improve their own lives. Where these two subcultures intersect, you’ll discover the quantified-self movement. The idea […]
23 Jan

30 Favorite New Year's Resolutions from the

New Year’s resolutions have a tendency to repeat themselves annually: Be healthy, declutter, save money and so forth. This year we requested ers to consider specific ways they could bring their resolutions home. Though a few of you stuck into practicalities (organizing the linen closet and tearing down background), others concentrated on more emotional aspects […]
20 Jan

Expand Your Growing Season

My grandma had a cold frame. It was a long rectangular box angled to catch the sun with a sliding glass shirt, situated along the south facing wall of the garage. At the time I didn’t understand what it was, but now I have assembled one of my own, just outside my kitchen, made of […]