Recycled Rubber Paver Blocks

20 May

Recycled Rubber Paver Blocks

Roll fewer tires into landfills by recycling them to earn rubber pavers, helping beautify outdoor spaces and make patios, walkways or other places that would traditionally require hardscaping material such as brick or concrete. Recycled rubber pavers provide a viable choice to gardeners looking for paving stuff of lighter weight than conventional brick and concrete […]
16 May

Is Lime Good for Bell Pepper Plants?

Two main types of soil alterations exist — those who are rich in nutrients like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, and the ones that correct soil pH therefore plants can absorb those nutrients. Garden lime falls into the latter class. In cases of very acidic soil, limestone may help to make vegetables like bell peppers thrive. […]
10 May

How to Cover a Sewer Pipe from the Back Yard

Many people need a backyard that looks fine, with lush, green plants and vibrantly coloured flowers. It provides a peaceful place to sit and unwind or entertain friends and family. What they do not wish to view, or have guests view, is a sewer pipe and its access point. If that is what you find […]
6 May

The way to Prune a Yaupon Holly Tree

The bright red berries of yaupon holly (Ilex vomitoria) include a festive note to your winter garden, though the comparatively smooth edges of the evergreen’s oval leaves do not resemble the lobed, spiky leaf of traditional Christmas holly. The yaupon holly is acceptable for U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 11 and […]
4 May

How to Cure a Sick Weeping Willow

The long, drooping branches of the weeping willow (Salix spp.) Trail romantically, such as slim fingers tracing a beloved’s cheek. But much of romance is awful and fortune does not always grin on the weeping willow. This mighty tree using its invasive roots only does not belong in most residential backyards, according to horticulturists at […]
2 May

Peach Tree Bark Fungus

Peach trees are relatively simple to develop, but respiratory ailments can attack various areas of the tree including the bark. Blisters, lesions, discoloration and gummy sap are a few of the signs your tree may be contaminated and requires attention. With proper care, a healthy peach tree can live around 50 decades, but untreated fungal […]
28 Apr

How to Naturally Fertilize a Citrus Tree

Citrus trees add an original odor and also the bonus of fruit at particular times annually. Although orange and lemon trees are more prevalent than many others, you can choose from various citrus, including grapefruit and tangelos. To care for these trees, then use a organic fertilizer so there’s no question concerning the high quality […]
24 Apr

Ideal Temperature to get a Citrus Tree

Citrus trees can be bashful when it comes to the surroundings they are grown in. If temperatures are too cold, the trees may die, but you actually require the heat of summer for the best fruit flavor. For achievement with your citrus trees, then you need to determine first if your climate has temperatures that […]
20 Apr

How to Fix the Gaps in Exterior Trim

Exterior trim around doors and windows needs to be caulked to fill any gaps between the trim and the siding behind the trim. While properly designed exterior caulking is designed to last for many years, summer heat and winter cold may cause it to expand and contract, finally creating gaps and cracks. Fill those gaps […]
16 Apr

Yellowing on Outer Edges of Tomato Plant

Rumors are among the most frequent vegetables in the home garden and often the first food-bearing plants that a new gardener tries. Although tomatoes are simple to care for, they can sometimes develop unusual issues that are hard to diagnose. Yellowing on the outer edges of tomato leaves or on the outer border of the […]