Month: June 2015

21 Jun

How Do Heating Valves Work on Home Radiators?

Home radiator systems work by circulating hot water heated by a boiler, or in certain contemporary systems, a hot water heater. This water circulates through a closed system of piping, typically triggered by a circulating pump. There should not be air in the pipes, but it gets in so frequently that refrigerant manufacturers equip radiators […]
21 Jun

The way to bring a Roof Overhang

A roof overhang protects the building under it from weather and rain, and if your home does not have one, revealing an overhang isn’t an especially tough construction job. Framing a new overhang is simple, but blending the new overhang seamlessly to the present roof requires some effort and expense. Preparing the Roof To access […]
10 Jun

The way to Make Recycled Glass Counters

Redoing your old countertop with recycled glass produces an attractive surface with the look of vibrant glass fragments floating in clear liquid glass. A durable, clear epoxy coating lets the glass pieces shine through without the risk of cutting yourself on the sharp shards. Using a technique similar to creating tile mosaics, the project is […]