Month: February 2016

10 Feb

How to Remove a Flywheel From a Briggs Lawnmower 12.5 HP Engine

Briggs & Stratton 120000 string 12.5 Horse Power engines are utilized on many different lawn, Lawn Care service Phoenix and house tools, such as lawnmowers, pressure washers, water pumps and paint spray. The flywheel has to be removed when replacing it and when inspecting the flywheel and flywheel key for cracks, breaks and damage. Specialty […]
6 Feb

How to acquire the Ignition Coil to Fire on a 16 HP Briggs

A 16 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine which will not fire is probably the consequence of a faulty ignition armature coil. Most ignition armature coils cannot be repaired and must be replaced. In some instances, the timing may be off since the motor flywheel to ignition armature coil air-gap setting isn’t in the appropriate distance. […]
3 Feb

How to Design Your Own Quilt Pattern

A handmade quilt represents relaxation, warmth, tradition and sentiment in one pretty package. When it’s a covering to your own bed, then an artistic wall hanging or a thoughtful gift for someone near, create the quilt much more unique by designing your own design. Quilting software and online quilt design applications designed for creating patchwork […]