Month: January 2016

22 Jan

What Kind of Slides Can Be Used for an Above Landscaping Pool?

Not all slides are created equally — a slide created for a backyard playground is not meant to set up with a swimming pool, even when slide is cooled. Likewise, slides designed particularly for in-ground pools are not always safe for above-ground pools. The type of slide you may use with your above-ground pool depends […]
21 Jan

How to Fix Velvet Nap Upholstery

Renew a squashed velvet finish by using fluffing techniques to create the material look more attractive. Whether you choose a vacuum solution or a delicate brushing method to restore the nap on velvet-covered pieces, then you’ll be delighted with your furniture’s refreshed look. Mohair Mishaps Mohair velvet is one of many velvet finished fabrics, but […]