The way to Replace the Starter Assembly to get a Wisconsin Robin Lawnmower

5 Jan

The way to Replace the Starter Assembly to get a Wisconsin Robin Lawnmower

Wisconsin Robin was a marketing name that Fuji Heavy Industries utilized on its small engines, including those on lawnmowers. FHI has since decided to use its corporate name, Subaru, to advertise their engines. The recoil system on those engines lies directly on top of the device. While many repairs to a lawnmower can be complicated, replacing a Subaru Robin starter is quite straightforward and requires only a few basic tools.

Unplug the spark plug wire and boot, which is a black rubber touch-screen plug situated on the top of the mower, by pulling it straight out. This ensures the engine does not accidentally start during your work. Cut the handle off of the starter rope using scissors and then set the handle aside. Unscrew the screws holding the main cover set up and slide it off of the mower.

Unscrew the old starter assembly and then remove it in the mower. The assembly will look like a plastic cover with the starter rope coming out from it and, depending on the model, will have two to four bolts or screws holding it in position. Place the new assembly in its place. Be confident the new assembly lines up correctly with the crankshaft, which resembles a metal plate under the assembly. Screw or bolt it into position.

Feed the brand new rope into the rope hole in the main cover. Replace the main cover. Feed the rope through the handle and then tie the end into a tight single knot to fasten the rope to the handle. Plug the spark plug boot and wire back in. Tug the rope to be sure the spring has loaded as well as the crankshaft is participated. You must feel some stress and then the rope must recoil back into the mower. In case it’s not participated, remove the assembly and try to line it up properly following the procedures in Step 2.