Category: Gardening and Landscaping

26 May

Tropical Plant Planters

Decorative planters create color and texture when combined with tropical plants. The choice of containers is dependent upon the type of plant and plant place. The right planter encourages healthy growth and production of flowers. The design and shape of this planter complements the tropical plant, creating its own individual look. Do not plant your […]
24 Nov

How to Landscape With Natural Stone

Landscaping styles vary and include formal, rustic, European and more. For those searching for a natural look, there are various statues, plants and layouts to aid with that, including the important addition of natural rocks. Whether you are using stones as a patio surface or at the plant beds, they can help pull the “natural” […]
12 Jan

List of Sensors With Purple & Green Debate

Although flowering plants consistently add beauty to the garden, it’s likely to produce a stunning effect using only plants with interesting foliage patterns and colours. Plants with showy foliage can be particularly useful alongside your patio or other outside dining space where incredibly aromatic flowers could be overpowering and unpleasant. Whether your space is in […]
6 Aug

Ornament Your Garden the Artful Way

Most of us love to add artwork to the backyard. However to do so properly needs attention, restraint and consideration. You want a garden that is enhanced by artwork but not cluttered by it, right? As the lines between interior design and exterior design are fuzzy, we comfortably travel in and out of the backyard. […]
24 Jun

The 3 Top Ways to Light Up Your Landscape

There are only three things to consider if you’re thinking about landscape lighting. We call them the three S’s: safety, security and sexy. Safety light prevents you from breaking your throat (watch out for that step!) , security lighting discourages thieves along with the Boogie Man (by illuminating dark corners), and sexy lighting supplies, well, […]
8 Mar

Get the Look: Spanish-Mediterranean Courtyard

As the current weather warms up, a lot people are considering the best way to spruce up our out-door places for dinners, events and relaxing outside. Spanish-Mediterranean courtyard gardens offer a lot of inspiration. These cosy enclosed verandas were created to be an expansion of the house‚Äôs living area, with places dine to sit and […]