Month: August 2019

31 Aug

What You Must Know About Sunlight and Your House

Wherever you reside on Earth, you manage the sun. Close to the equator individuals seek colour. Toward the sticks sun is valuable. The sun provides more than light; it could create heat in houses: desired in winter, averted in summer. Sunlight also degrades several materials. Untreated wood actually falls apart, blackens or is bleached under […]
28 Aug

Must-Know Modern Homes: Villa Mairea

Along with Frank Lloyd Wright, Finnish architect Alvar Aalto stands out for being a contemporary architect with an extremely personal style that blends the historical and the contemporary. But unlike Wright, who had been born under a decade after the end of the Civil War and did his early work in the same century, Aalto […]
25 Aug

A 1890s Victorian in Toronto Goes Modern and Open

In Toronto property, a deep-seated Victorian with original details intact is the holy grail. After patiently looking at hundreds of houses, Quinn Hewitt and Christopher Sargent eventually found an 1895 Victorian at the Parkdale neighborhood. Although the house was in fantastic shape, it just didn’t fit the couple’s design. A year of renovations transformed this […]
23 Aug

Hens Nest in Style in a Modern Nevada Coop

“Designing for chickens is not much different than designing for people,” claims designer Jen Dalley. When Dalley decided to host a small flock in her Ely, Nevada, backyard, she used a number of the principles out of her interior design job in her new chicken coop. Supplying the essentials — security, food and comfort — […]
16 Aug

Sew a String of Easy Sag-Top Cabinets

Paint may be the easiest way to update the appearance and feel of a space, but cloths come in a close second. Textiles add color, elegance and texture to a room and can quickly change the design and feel with minimal work. I’ve been on the search for the ideal cloth for our living room […]
14 Aug

10 Furniture All-Stars of Versatility

Don’t you just adore those two-for-one deals at the supermarket? I sure do. I will always make room in my pantry to get that extra box of mac and cheese. There are furniture equivalents into the twofer at the supermarket. Some pieces simply pack a bit more versatility, having multiple uses or the capacity to […]
9 Aug

My Trails in a Rustic Canyon Lodge

Reclaimed barn wood floors, hand-weathered wainscoting, bent-twig furniture plus a abundance of cowhides welcome people to Hilarie Roope’s Los Angeles house, which she affectionately describes Camp Davis, known for her son. Her love of horses and ranch living could be understood in each square inch of the compound. When Roope, a talent manager, initially bought […]
6 Aug

Ornament Your Garden the Artful Way

Most of us love to add artwork to the backyard. However to do so properly needs attention, restraint and consideration. You want a garden that is enhanced by artwork but not cluttered by it, right? As the lines between interior design and exterior design are fuzzy, we comfortably travel in and out of the backyard. […]
3 Aug

Tradition Lives On in a Historic Home and Lodge

The Sou’wester Lodge at Seaview, Washington, has an extensive record of home made creative freethinkers. When friends Thandi Rosenbaum and Anastasia Corya discovered the beachfront property was up for sale at the summer of 2012, they welcomed the chance to continue its heritage of creative expression. However, the friends did not realize at first that […]