10 Furniture All-Stars of Versatility

14 Aug

10 Furniture All-Stars of Versatility

Don’t you just adore those two-for-one deals at the supermarket? I sure do. I will always make room in my pantry to get that extra box of mac and cheese. There are furniture equivalents into the twofer at the supermarket. Some pieces simply pack a bit more versatility, having multiple uses or the capacity to be easily switched around.

I have developed a list of favorites through the years. Whenever I’m designing a floor plan, I try to throw one or two of those pieces to give the homeowner a few choices with their spaces. And when I’m shopping for somebody and see a great-looking twofer piece, I will get it even when I’m not certain where it’s moving. I know that it will go. Take a look and let me know about your own favorite two-for-one piece.

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The console table. With a narrow and higher profile, this piece fits well in a little entry. It works great as a foundation to get a lamp and mirror and perfectly behind a sofa. A console table that’s 33 to 35 inches is ideal for placement behind a sofa.

The game table. The apparent use of a game table is for cards, chess and other board games. But want an extra dining surface to get a dinner party? How about that old game table? It also works great when kids require a place for doing assignments.

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The pouf. How I love these things! Throw a couple in your family room or den, and you’ll never be uncomfortable. They’re fantastic for throwing your feet up. Want extra seating for company? Go grab that pouf from the family room. They make easy and casual chairs for your loved ones and friends.

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A set of seats. You will not ever regret those extra chairs. Keep them at the dining table, change them around in the front of a fireplace or put them in a cupboard so that you may sit down to tie your shoes.

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The demilune. Another versatile piece for a nightstand. The rounded shape ensures no cool lumps if you awaken throughout the evening. Additionally, demilune tables make great hallway pieces due to their narrow profile. In case you have a set of demilunes, then you can place them together to get a round table.

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The campaign table. I always snag campaign tables once I see them in shops. I adore the leggy utility of those small pieces. They look terrific next to a tub and may hold a candle or towel while you soak. They also work well alongside a sofa seat to hold a mug or book.

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The ottoman. I’m a huge fan of an ottoman instead of a coffee table, especially in the family room — no remorse about putting your toes here. In case the need should arise to get a tough surface for flowers, accessories or beverages, simply throw on a tray.

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The seat. There’s always a place for a seat. My favorite place is in front of a bed, where it can be chairs or hold clothes. Visually, I just adore the way a seat anchors the bed. The exact same seat will work wonderfully in an entry or behind a sofa. It can also function as a coffee table, and it can be a bonus when you have a little area.

The chest of drawers. Dressers are not only for bedrooms. Consider that bedroom piece out in the entry — you can still utilize the drawers to stash all of your treasures. Want a dressing table for your powder room? You can add pipes to create an elegant statement piece.

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One unique chair. Have you ever stumbled upon an eye seat chair that’s completely different from the other pieces in your own room? Buy it and let it be a conversation piece. Little athletic chairs look beautiful next to a chest or an armoire, and because of their tiny size, they can easily be switched around for extra chairs.

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