Category: Renting and Tenant Rights

28 Oct

How to Remove a Judgment Lien

A judgment lien can create a home sale difficult. Judgment liens are courtroom awards for cash owed to a creditor; the exemptions are attached to the debtor’s property. Clear title, or string of ownership of a piece of property, typically needs to be obtained for mortgage loans and the buying and selling of a home. […]
6 Nov

What Is a Quit Claim Deed Mortgage?

Named very literally, a quitclaim deed is a means of”stopping,” or transferring, any interest in real property. A tool used in real estate, the quitclaim deed is one of many different types of deeds available. Representing the lowest strata of actions, the quitclaim deed is different from other actions in regard to the level of […]
19 Oct

Quitclaim Deed Vs. General Warranty

According to The 'Lectric Law Library, a deed”signifies a writing, by which lands, tenements and hereditaments are conveyed, which writing is sealed and delivered by the parties.” While quitclaims and overall warranties are both deeds, they are used for very different functions and communicate completely different rights and assurances. Quitclaim Deeds A quitclaim deed is […]