Month: January 2019

31 Jan

Gadgets Help You Watch Your Wellbeing at Home

Have you learned about the quantified-self movement? Millions of health and exercise fanatics are constantly searching for ways to improve their fitness levels. Meanwhile, gadget and technology fans are always looking for new ways to use new technology to improve their own lives. Where these two subcultures intersect, you’ll discover the quantified-self movement. The idea […]
23 Jan

30 Favorite New Year's Resolutions from the

New Year’s resolutions have a tendency to repeat themselves annually: Be healthy, declutter, save money and so forth. This year we requested ers to consider specific ways they could bring their resolutions home. Though a few of you stuck into practicalities (organizing the linen closet and tearing down background), others concentrated on more emotional aspects […]
20 Jan

Expand Your Growing Season

My grandma had a cold frame. It was a long rectangular box angled to catch the sun with a sliding glass shirt, situated along the south facing wall of the garage. At the time I didn’t understand what it was, but now I have assembled one of my own, just outside my kitchen, made of […]
15 Jan

6 Branches and Berries to Spruce Up Holiday Decor

When business comes and I want to create some atmosphere using a table structure, I eschew the offers in the local supermarkets and opt to swing through my own gardens, snipping branches, gathering what I need to make an artful centerpiece that takes minutes to prepare. Woody trees and shrubs with interesting bark or even […]
11 Jan

Tour the Best for a Desert Spanish Colonial

Prepare to go into a luxurious Spanish colonial home built with every detail beautifully executed. “We had a budget where we can use the best of all on this house,” says interior designer Josie Fratantoni. But “I love to reveal to customers of all budgets, to ensure they may be motivated and show me exactly […]
6 Jan

A Jersey Shore Beach House Breaks Free

Not many people could have imagined any expectation with this dank and obsolete bungalow beyond tearing it down, but the homeowner and her interior designer, Sheila Rich, could. “My customer has a great eye for simplicity in style and managed to see the potential in this aged midcentury beach bungalow,” says Rich. Her customer had […]
2 Jan

Top 5 Trees for Fall Color in California

Such as the myths that everybody in Silicon Valley is an entrepreneur and every server in Los Angeles is an actor, people say that California has no seasons — and no fall foliage. But look about in fall. A number of great garden trees which dependably brighten areas and public spaces using colorful fall leaves […]