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8 Dec

How to Wash Acrylic Lamps

An acrylic lamp might look a whole lot like glass from afar, but you shouldn’t clean it in precisely the same way as glass. Conventional household cleansers and even window cleaning chemicals are too harsh for oil. Utilize water and mild liquid dish soap instead. Water Works For a basic cleaning, a damp, lint-free soft […]
29 Jan

How to Fill Bamboo Floor Joints

Bamboo is a grass, but when manufacturers press stands together to form flooring boards, the boards can be as tough as maple or oak, and they respond to moisture in a similar manner. They shrink when they dry out, and gaps may form between them. You can generally fill a couple of gaps without much […]
9 Jan

How do I Clean and Make Wood Blinds Look Like New?

Under ideal conditions, wooden window blinds offer long-lasting great looks and durability. Keep these blinds in top shape by dusting them often. A wax-free furniture polish used only once in a while will keep these blinds seeming like new as long as you wash them regularly. Dust Frequently Dust the blinds each couple weeks, or […]
3 Jan

Removal of Musty Odor in Wicker Furniture

A musty odor on wicker furniture means it’s been stored in conditions that are somewhat too moist. Mold and mildew frequently go along with those musty odors, but on a the more positive note, the exact identical remedy that gets rid of this smell also eliminates mold and mildew. A Dose of Dry Air New, […]
27 Dec

Can I Use Murphy Soap to Clean My Wood Bamboo Floors?

Bamboo floorboards are basically identical to hardwood floors when it comes to cleaning, and Murphy’s Oil Soap is marketed as a hardwood floor cleaner. The principal component of Murphy’s Soap is vegetable oil, though, which leaves a residue that clouds the finish and also can complicate restoration attempts. Your very best bet is to find […]
12 Dec

Automatic Shower Cleaner Issues

The S.C. Johnson Co.’s Scrubbing Bubbles line provides the Automatic Shower Cleaner, a device that hangs out of the showerhead and promises to mechanically clean your bathtub via spraying on a mould and mildew cleaner in the touch of a button. While Johnson touts the product’s angle along with scented formula, the product has received […]
22 Feb

How to take care of Woodworms in Finished Furniture

“Woodworm” is something of a misnomer, because the creatures that make the tiny wormholes which mar timber furniture are really beetles. The most common is referred to as the furniture beetle, and once you see its holes on your furniture, the infestation is over two years old. Woodworm is common in Europe — especially the […]