How to Clean A Black Lacquer Baby Grand Piano

10 Jun

How to Clean A Black Lacquer Baby Grand Piano

A baby grand piano with black lacquer finish stands out as an elegant piece of furniture in a home as well as a musical instrument. Like other finishes, the lacquer requires basic maintenance to remain looking its very best. Wiping with a feather duster or soft damp cloth keeps the end clean and free of dust.

Doing Away With Dust

If left to sit down for a long time, dust may lead to scratches on the lacquer finish. Frequently dusting the piano prevents this from occurring. Use a feather duster to brush away the dust. If you do not have a feather duster, use a soft nonabrasive cloth or piece of cotton. Slightly dampen the cloth and rub the end utilizing minimum pressure followed by a dry cloth immediately afterward to prevent moisture damage. When wiping down the piano, follow the direction of the grain if it’s observable to steer clear of potential scrapes.

Away With Fingerprints

Fingerprints sometimes wipe off using a damp cloth during routine cleaning but otherwise, add a little oil soap into that damp cloth when wiping down the piano, followed by a clean, damp cloth, then a dry cloth.

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