Design suggestions for a Small Back Yard

6 Jan

Design suggestions for a Small Back Yard

Small back yards can have an intimate appeal without limiting the range for landscape design and outdoor living which may be enjoyed in a larger space. Many homeowners welcome the constraints of less room to play with, taking advantage of the opportunity to invest in high-quality components on a small scale.

Small Backyard Design

Small back yards present an opportunity for designing a space with an outsized effect. For homeowners with limited time and cash, little back yards are manageable and affordable. With less material needed to cover the region, and reduced time for installation, a complex design and installation is feasible even for the first-time homeowner. Consider the space with the identical care you take with indoor design, maximizing the available space using quality workmanship and materials.

Stay Off the Yard

With space at a premium, a yard might not be as practical or attractive in a little lawn as in a larger one. Rather, use the space for a patio or deck combined with heaps of containers or raised beds. Hard landscape materials, such as interlocking pavers or stones, can replace grass, with no maintenance requirements. Warm colors and patterns help create a feeling of comfort and interest, and plants bring colour and softness to the atmosphere.


Privacy issues frequently come up with the little back yard, and enclosing the space as a courtyard might be the solution. Fencing provides that the “walls” of the courtyard. Zoning typically restricts the height of fencing to 6 ft, but trees and tall shrubs may fill in gaps. A tree canopy serves as the “ceiling”; a little or medium-size tree will be sufficient. For a finishing touch, add a self centered water feature.

Outside Rooms

When the little yard is attached to a little home, it becomes much more significant for extending the living space. Outside kitchens, complete with fireplaces, are a popular amenity, particularly in temperate climates. Comfortable furniture along with overhead protection from the elements will make regular use of the lawn easy, allowing the family to cocoon in a fresh-air environment. Structure and accessories can set a theme for the new room, from tropical oasis to Adirondack camp design.

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