How to Fix Velvet Nap Upholstery

21 Jan

How to Fix Velvet Nap Upholstery

Renew a squashed velvet finish by using fluffing techniques to create the material look more attractive. Whether you choose a vacuum solution or a delicate brushing method to restore the nap on velvet-covered pieces, then you’ll be delighted with your furniture’s refreshed look.

Mohair Mishaps

Mohair velvet is one of many velvet finished fabrics, but it is exceedingly durable and used for upholstery. It is the finish offered to material made from the wool of the Angora goat. It can show pile tangling and matting for frequently used places such as seat cushions and arms. Restore the unruly pile to its initial vertical position with a simple treatment. Employ a damp cloth overnight to the flattened area, or lightly spray the compressed fibers with a mist of distilled water, that relieves the need to get a dampened cloth. Use a low-temperature placing on a blow dryer to dry any remaining damp areas the next morning. If the remainder isn’t to your liking, repeat the overnight process. Avoid using your velvet-upholstered pieces till they are completely dry.

Suction Power

Clean and tighten the nap of velvet-upholstered pieces by carefully vacuuming the material. Use a special attachment that’s designed to vacuum upholstery to gently lift the fibers to an erect posture without damaging them. Run the vacuum attachment back and forth through the velvet till you do not see any “fuzz balls” around the top layer of the cloth. Since the nap of velvet upholstery is vulnerable to pile crushing and distortion, do not use a vacuum cleaner with an excessive amount of suction power.

Pull the Brushes

Routinely brushing your velvet-upholstered pieces helps you to lift the pile and give the nap a well-groomed look. Use a soft brush, such as a baby hairbrush or fine bristle brush, to prevent damage to your velvet material. Since the colour of the velvet appears to change depending on which direction you brush the nap, look at the upholstery from different angles to determine which management of brushing you would like. By brushing the velvet at exactly the same direction, you produce a more uniform look.

Squelch the Stains

When you have a fresh spill on velvet upholstery, then use a white towel to absorb the fluid, rather than blotting the spill, which can lead to crushing the nap. If the velvet includes a dried stain or spot that has formed a matted clump of fibers, mix a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent in a bowl of clear water and lightly brush the soapy foam on the stained area with a white, dry rag. Instead, apply a dry cleaning solution designed for velvet fabrics to spot-clean the stain. When you have spots or stains on velvet that is made from natural fibers, such as mohair, acquire the services of a professional cleaning company to do the job.