Author: Hored1948

16 Jul

Guest Picks: Update a Traditional Living Room

I am currently helping a family update their living room décor. The traditional wood cabinetry they’ve needed for decades dictates the vibe of this room, so we’re looking for accessories and furniture that will work nicely with the timeless look yet portray the family’s fun and youthful character. Here are a few selections that will […]
11 Jul

To Drape a Throw or Fold It?

You know those people who will fling a throw from the air and get it to land at an ideal, graceful cascade about the goal piece of furniture? Yeah … I’m not among them. But that doesn’t stop me from trying — there’s something about the tender, sinuous drape of a blanket that arouses a […]
7 Jul

Top 10 Tips to Keep in Mind When Replacing Your Roof

For some reason, you might not be satisfied with your current roof. Perhaps it’s leaking or it’s too old and you just need a new one. There are a number of factors that you must consider before doing roofing Tucson. Whether you are doing it on your own or you are hiring an expert, you […]
6 Jul

Making Solution for a Modern Marvel

Kelly and Lino Mendiola did not plan on beginning from scratch. The couple had approached Jamie Chioco for a remodel but soon recognized that a teardown was the only means to acquire the open design they wanted. So they knocked the existing house into the floor, starting a 16-month construction process. The outcome is an […]
3 Jul

the Creative Santa Cruz Studio of Artist Couple

When celebrity Sarah Bianco along with her husband Pasquale learned of plans to transform the historical Santa Cruz Tannery into affordable live/work spaces for artists, they had been ready to do anything it took to secure a place. Following two successive nights camping out in the parking lot along with other optimistic tenants, their persistence […]
29 Jun

Modern and Bold at Toronto

Although her first plan was to build a conservative house similar in style to the remainder of her historic Toronto neighborhood, builder Kate Prevedello ultimately chose a different route. She chose to take advantage of this rare chance to start over and hired architect Michael Taylor of Taylor Smyth Architects to design a three-story modern […]
27 Jun

Wall Art That Rocks

Do not get me wrong — I’m not a music Luddite. I believe iTunes is up there with the best inventions ever, as well as the Shazam smartphone program, which can identify a tune you do not know by simply listening to it now has radically changed my listening habits. However, you know what I […]
24 Jun

The 3 Top Ways to Light Up Your Landscape

There are only three things to consider if you’re thinking about landscape lighting. We call them the three S’s: safety, security and sexy. Safety light prevents you from breaking your throat (watch out for that step!) , security lighting discourages thieves along with the Boogie Man (by illuminating dark corners), and sexy lighting supplies, well, […]
22 Jun

Mood Makers: Create Your Home Inspiring

Most of us wish to make a house that guests will admire — but have you ever thought about decorating your house to inspire? If you are not certain what I mean, have a look at those ideas to make the spaces in your home more inspiring to all those who enter. Robbins Architecture Every […]
18 Jun

Receive a Knack for Black

It takes some serious nerve wracking to choose black, particularly for walls. But nothing sets off colour like black. And nothing has its thickness. It may add an awareness of architecture where there’s not any to speak of, and while it does really make a room feel bigger, sometimes that is exactly that we want […]