Great Color Combination: A Black and Green Palette

15 Nov

Great Color Combination: A Black and Green Palette

We’ve had some rainy days in the last couple of weeks in Los Angeles. In my hometown of Pasadena, there are lots of coastal roads of magnificent camphor trees. I’m constantly reminded of just how much I like green and black collectively while driving down those streets after a fantastic rain. Camphor trees, especially in spring, have a bright chartreuse leaf and create clusters of tiny, black berrylike fruit. With rain, the trunks of these trees fueled from the saturation of water and look black. They are really a sight to behold, and the sharp contrast of the chartreuse leaf against the black bark constantly gets me thinking of approaches to make this palette inside.

Did you ever wonder what’s so eye catching about the logo? Yep, it’s green and black. These colors just look good together. Take a look at how these designers have interpreted these two colors into fresh designs for spring.

Elizabeth Dinkel

This distance reminds me of those gorgeous camphor trees. Notice the way the bright chartreuse of the wallpaper with its floral theme feels refreshing against the black and white checkered floor. When geometric patterns have been paired with softer, more traditional patterns that they produce a transitional look.

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Here the green mats against the black eyeglasses put the kitchen palette. The colors are repeated in the floor, window color and ceiling. Note the way the different colors of green all look crisp from the black geometric pattern of the flooring.

Kristi Spouse Interiors

What a perfect color combination with this laundry area. I would not mind folding within this fresh space. The gorgeous color of green on the walls is sharply contrasted by the black geometric pattern around the ground. Also, note the straightforward and beneficial utilization of black with a lining on the counter tops.

Stacy Curran

Here the designer chosen a monochromatic palette of various spa greens and hauled in touches of black side tables and lampshades. Notice the great white and black trim that has been chosen for the leading edge of the drape. Small detail, big impact.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

This transitional space makes great use not only of green and black but of great textural details as well. The textures of the wall of stone, the chandelier and the green table accessories all combine to generate a clean and glossy look.

Lauren Liess Interiors

Dazzle with a rug. This green striped rug punctuates the manly pattern in the curtain, while the black frames and furniture anchor the space. Notice the way the chartreuse in the carpet is picked up again in the bed and the way the black bed sets off them.

South Shore Decorating

Green in a kitchen is such a great backdrop for cooking and serving meals; it feels fresh and clean. The black lampshades within this chandelier produce drama and sophistication against the walls of the kitchen.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

One of my favorite colors of green, chief green, is strong and contemporary against black furniture. I think the use of the vine lamp provides the 1 element that hints this layout in a “soft contemporary” direction. A very smart choice, this lamp makes the space more approachable and relaxed.


Green and black are also great choices for a bathroom — this type of fresh atmosphere. Try a spring-inspired green in your bathroom walls, then add black details in floors, linens and hardware.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

What a great eclectic vibe inside this bedroom. All the bits allow you to stop and wonder. The palette could not be more simple, but white and black feels organic and fresh with the accession of greenery out of the lush ferns and branches. Natural components such as trees and plants are an easy addition to a green and black color.

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