Color Guide: How to Work With Beige

22 Jul

Color Guide: How to Work With Beige

Oh, beige. So overused, so undervalued. Beige is similar to the plain, dutiful town clerk. She retains the city running easily, but no one throws her a parade. But boring old beige does not have to be boring. It’s just that it is too often used as a default, with no real thought about tone, hue, value and what other colors might look great by it. It’s slapped on economical apartments and homes about to be put on the market.

Beige is almost infinite in its subtlety. Which beige you pick can change the entire mood of a space. It seems different depending on the design and kind of lighting.

Beige is also called tan, buff, cream as well as khaki. It changes from almost brown to very pale cream. It can have hot yellow undertones or pink undertones or be almost gray. “Greige” appears like the”It” impartial right now.

Warm, yellowy beiges look great with teals, turquoises along with other yellow-blues. Authentic red looks vivid and elegant next to darker warm beiges. Beige and pink also seems lovely, regardless of the undertone.

Layering beiges creates a soft, relaxing appearance; it makes you feel as though you’re walking into a room made from cashmere. And all beige tones, however dark or light, work with glowing white trim; nothing seems crisper or more conventional than this combo.

Beige is a favorite of conventional styles, but it’s actually everywhere — even in wide-open contemporary spaces and wild, eclectic boho spaces. It’s the unsung workhorse of the decorating world. And in the event that you’re able to see beyond its bad reputation, you can appreciate its delicate beauty.

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Siemasko + Verbridge

Beige on the Walls

A light, cool beige within this room adds a little warmth but remains firmly contemporary. Light beiges are a excellent alternative to glowing white in contemporary spaces.

Olga Adler

A rich, warm beige with glowing red is always a winning combination. Bright white trim keeps it all crisp and clean.

Mark Newman Design

Layers of beige — by a very light cream to a darkened tan — add to the airy, calm sense of the room.

Rachel Reider Interiors

The gorgeous architectural details of the stairwell are improved by the comparison between the beige walls and the white trim.

Nicole helene layouts

A hot, dark beige with a light, hot blue. Sand and sea, a timeless combination.


Beige is a great backdrop for an eclectic space with a lot of color. It’s warmer than glowing white, and it does not compete with all the accessories and furniture how another color might.

Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

This grayish beige gives this hallway a very elegant, very traditional feel.

Urrutia Design

This is a well-thought-out utilization of beige. There are unique hues and tones on the walls, ceiling, bedspread and flooring. And, again, the layers produce a sense of refuge.

Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

A light, creamy beige with glistening true-black trim. It’s elegant and less predictable than white. I love this room.

Rossington Architecture

Too often beige is just slapped up as the foundation color. But it can function as accent also. These beige walls emphasize the angles within this room and give it depth.

The Virginia House

These vibrant and chic beige and cream stripes are a great alternative to the blue and pink handbag. So soft and calming.

How to Paint Perfect Wall Stripes

Celia James

Pink-beige gives this space a softness that a cooler or darker colour would not.


Beige does not have to function as wall color; it can function as trim. These dark beige doors look great with those white and light beige walls.

Dear Lillie

Feminine white furnishings are complemented with this dark beige wall color. Plus it looks great with golden also.

Witt Construction

Beige walls using a dark beige trim. Painting trim darker than the walls would be the opposite of what most people do, and it always seems fresh and contemporary — even here, together with conventional wainscoting and other flourishes.


Beige in the Bathroom

This beige tile design is such a gorgeous contrast to the bright white at the rest of the bathroom. Eye catching but subtle.

Thorsen Construction

The beige tiles supporting this bath are abundant and caramely. I believe I’d have continued the white from the ceiling on the top wall, to create even more comparison.


Beige gets contemporary. I love this glistening foil finish for a contemporary and sophisticated toilet.

Chris Donatelli Builders

Beige in the Kitchen

Beige cabinets and appliances are a wonderful alternative to glowing white. Everything remains crisp and clean looking, but a little less intense.

Claudia Martin, ASID

Here, light greige walls set off the contemporary white cupboards and appliances.

Jute Interior Design

Decorating With Beige

The beige sofa, walls and carpeting are the perfect foils for different colors and textures. It’s traditional meets eclectic.

Butler Armsden Architects

Minimalist and modern and beige.

For People design

A creamy beige sofa, walls, rug and seat with hot pink drapes. This room is so refined and lovely.

Erika Bierman Photography

Beige as an accent with white. Used like this, beige becomes a color filled with chances.

Kasey Buick

Conventional seats upholstered in a variety of colors of beige linen. The term”beige” comes from a form of undyed cotton. This room has a very airy, stately feel. It’s shabby chic at the best way.


Beige but not boring. Each of the various colors of beige here are an ideal backdrop for your multicolored wall of books and the different pops of vivid color. Love it.

Cardea Building Co..

Beige Outdoor

A beige Victorian with navy trim. A classic.

A. Tate Hilliard, Architect/Builder

The old standard: beige with white trim.

The building zone, ltd..

A sandy desert beige.

Benjamin Moore

Alexandria Beige HC-77 Paint

A dark beige.


Realist Beige SW6078 Paint

A lighter true beige.

Benjamin Moore

Hampshire Taupe 990 Paint

A beige.


Nantucket Dune SW7527 Paint

Still pink but even warmer — a salmon beige?

Benjamin Moore

Clay Beige OC-11 Paint

Pink and yellow undertones.

Benjamin Moore

Navajo White OC-95 Paint

Pale pinky beige

Benjamin Moore

Camouflage 2143-40 Paint

A light tan with green undertones.

Benjamin Moore

Stingray 1529 Paint

Lighter but still green and cool. Kind of a ecru.

Benjamin Moore

Inner Balance 1522 Paint

Another greenish beige but a warmer one. Imagine it with a glowing white trim — very crisp.

Benjamin Moore

Lenox Tan HC-44 Paint

A very hot, yellowy beige. Great with crimson.


Kilim Beige SW6106 Paint

A hot medium beige.

Benjamin Moore

Monroe Bisque HC-26 Paint

A very yellow beige. This would look stunning with a hot blue.

Benjamin Moore

Stone Hearth 984 Paint

A hot greige.

Benjamin Moore

Northern Cliffs 1536 Paint

A milder greige.

Benjamin Moore

Himalayan Trek 1542 Paint

Nearly dropped gray but still a beige.

Benjamin Moore

Creamy Beige 2016-60 Paint

A light, creamy beige. Many of these have been in the white family.

Benjamin Moore

Natural Wicker 950 Paint

A bit darker but still very creamy.

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