Ginkgo Motifs Grow Rooms

20 Jul

Ginkgo Motifs Grow Rooms

Ginkgo trees, with their graceful, fan-shaped leaves, trumpet their presence in the landscape in autumn. They take on a brilliant golden hue which blazes against autumn’s blue, clear skies and controls twice chooses. My husband, who grew up with a mature ginkgo tree in the front yard of his family’s home, recalls full strangers stopping their cars and leaping out to snap photographs of their kids against its glorious leaves.

Given that stunning beauty, it’s only natural that ginkgo leaves have gotten such a traditional motif in decor. Though they’re traditionally connected with Arts and Crafts interiors, they’ve been reinterpreted and stylized in so many different forms and substances that they make a natural companion for virtually any style. Have a peek at a few of the examples below.

kimberly ayres

This gorgeous wallpaper flips the traditional ginkgo palette, with sky-blue foliage shapes sprinkled over a tawny gold background. It satisfies the unconventional, eclectic style of the space perfectly.

A stencil with a bit of sheen enlivens a dining room.

A subtle ginkgo theme on the seat at the foot of this bed gives this classic bedroom a welcome layer of pattern.

Karen Gallagher Interiors

Golden ginkgo leaves capture the majority of the attention, but the foliage is just as beautiful in its green state, as this painting demonstrates.

Christopher Kellie Design Inc..

Ginkgo-patterned resin panels glow in a modern, muted dining and living room.

WA Design Architects

Look closely and you may see a touch of Arts and earthy taste inside this otherwise contemporary space, by the chunky, geometric fireplace surround into the ginkgo-print rug.

Diego Alejandro Interior Design

Among the greatest things about ginkgo leaves is that they’re neither masculine nor feminine — they could go either way, as evidenced by this diverse bedroom.

Kristine LeVernois, CKD, CBD, CAPS Neil Kelly Co..

How beautiful! Custom tilework in this toilet makes it look like ginkgo leaves are growing right through the wall.

Bold & Noble

Ginkgo in Yellow Moss Print – GBP 43

This very simple ginkgo print could be arresting all alone, but three or half of these would take on modern flavor in a triptych or grid.

Dinnerware Depot

Philippe Deshoulieres Ginkgo Dinnerware – $299.99

Philippe Deshoulieres’ ginkgo-leaf dinnerware is a design classic. Using its deep red and shining gold, it’s fantastic for a fall dinner party.

Burke Decor

Amber Ginko Vase – $65

Amber ginkgo-patterned vases have a slightly retro, glamorous border. I could see these in a Hollywood Regency space with a lot of gilt accents.


Gingko Leaf 10 1/2-Inch Plate – $7.95

Spice plain white china with sculptural pieces like this platter.

Waterglass Studios Arts and Crafts Mailbox With Ginkgo Leaf – $356.76

If you’re looking to elevate your porch decor, contemplate this Arts and Crafts–fashion mailbox. It’s a splurge, but it’s worth it.

Lewis & Sheron Fabrics

Fluttering Fans Fabric – $22.50

Ginkgo leaves float across this muted blue-green cloth, a twist on the normal color scheme.

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