12 Fantasy Dining Rooms

12 Oct

12 Fantasy Dining Rooms

As an interior designer, it’s rare I get a chance to design a residential room for general consumption. So when the chance came up to work on a project that will be looked at by the public and serves a fantastic cause, I jumped at the chance.

In what’s rapidly become Portland, Oregon’s premier design event,”Serving Up Design” brought together 12 design teams to make fantastical, stunning and whimsical dining surroundings for a four-day showcase throughout the Portland Fall Home & Garden Show. The four-day event culminates with a design gala, auction and awards ceremony. All proceeds from the event benefit the lupus awareness and support initiatives of Molly’s Fund Struggling Lupus. Check out their website for more information on lupus and how you can really make a difference.

This year’s winners:

People’s Choice Award: Wendy O’Brien Interior Design,“Feeding Time”
Judge’s Choice Award: Wendy O’Brien Interior Design,“Feeding Time”
Molly’s Choice Award:
Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, “DECOdence”
Table Top Award: Art Institute of Portland, Interior Design Department, “Mort par Chocolat”
Donation Award: Jason Ball Interiors, “Metamorphosis”

While these chambers are showrooms, each is Full of design inspiration from top to base. Look carefully at every room for ideas you could implement in your own space.

Mort par Chocolat: Winner of the Table Top celebrity. Experience the opulence and sophisticated ambiance of a lavish French Quarter dining room. Seduced to enter, guests soon learn that overindulgence comes with a cost…

Team: The Art Institute of Portland, Interior Design Department
Kaylene Compbell, Mindy Porterfield, Allison Basset, Minh Duong, Jenna Finch, Amanda Richenbach, Heather Winkel, Marjorie Marcellus (teacher )

Feeding Time: Winner of the Judges’ Choice and People’s Choice awards. Claude the giraffe has found himself at home in this sophisticated urban loft. He and guests will enjoy a cornucopia of flowers, leaves and leaves.

Team: Wendy O’Brien, Wendy O’Brien Interior Design

Vintage Verve! A glimpse to a glamorous, glizty 1920s champagne cocktail party, replete with bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. A combination of vintage with a decidedly modern aesthetic.

Trisha Anderson, Abode Design
Amy Bryden Hekker, Rejuvenation
John Hekker, Joe Hekker Construction

Välkommen Hem: “Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breath more; speak less, say more; love greater, and all good things will be yours” — Swedish Proverb

Team: IKEA, Portland Oregon

French Twist: Classic, timeless old-world allure; French antiques and an eclectic blend of old and new. Beautifully refined and easy to live with, a place you and your family will want to linger.

Team: Diane Keaton, Diane Keaton Interiors
Wendy Reierson, Reierson Design and Layout

Urban Chic: Combining ultra chic dining with the magnificent urban setting Portland offers.

Team: Urban I.D., Interior Design Studio (Laura Evans, Jodi Blater, Lori Brock, Kimerlee Jaynes, Shannon Ponciano, Christi Towne, Patrice Westphal)

DECOdence: Winner of the Molly’s Choice Award. Gilded, complicated, decadent — by integrating curvilinear lines, combined metals and luxe lighting, the space echoes the sexy art deco movement yet exudes a casual, classy lifestyle.

Team: Garrison Hullinger, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Reef To Dining with Coral and Gill: Coral is feeling crabby, Gill has been quite shellfish lately. Spending to much time in the Sand Bar. The response? A romantic reeftop dinner!

Team: Modürne (Jamie Buckiewicz, Sharon Keller, Michael Snyder, Omar Torres, Alberto Fernandez)

Metamorphosis: Deadly to Refined: Winner of the Creativity Award. An ode to raw, natural materials and their refined states set in a contemporary and luxurious dining atmosphere.

Jason Ball, Jason Ball Interiors
Michael Reper, Nest Portland
HBB Studio
Revolution Design House
Lorie Wolff, One Horse Studio
Lynn Read, Vitreluxe Glass Works
Brandan Keyser, Keyser Construction
Karen Ingalls, Elements Global

Party on the Patio! We are expanding our living room and taking it on the patio when blurring the lines between indoors and out!

Team: Diggs Inside & Outside (JJ De Sousa, Jose De Sousa, Arnica Rogers, Heidi Lauman)

Le Dejeuner Mecanique: Inspired by the ancient Belle Epoque, Le Dejeuner Mecanique celebrates Paris’ remaining times as a steam-powered, soot covered, gas-lit city.

Team: Nicole Schmidt, Nicole Helene Designs
The Joinery

Red Delicious: Good quality Red Delicious apples are company with a smooth, clean skin and have a rich red color.

Team: Lora Coburn, CoCo Designs
Amy Alan, Really Homemade

Take a Look at the Molly’s Fund website for more information on lupus and how you can make a difference.

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