Guest Groups: 20 Art Prints

22 May

Guest Groups: 20 Art Prints

Being an artist, it’s always been a big priority to have my own walls filled with artwork that I adore, I have made or says something regarding my loved ones or personality. While original artwork can become prohibitively expensive, finding unique pieces and prints from all over the web is becoming increasingly simpler. Following is a group of neutral or black and white prints which I’d proudly display in my house which could work with any decor, vibrant or otherwise. Each bit is under $100, and most are under $50. Let us get collecting! — Melissa out of I Still Love You

Once Upon A Time Print – $15

Beautifully-set, hand-pulled screenprints with phrases such as “Once Upon A Time” and “Until Death Do Us Part.”

I adore how this publish gives the impression that the person hanging the artwork is at a storybook. I’d hang this on a my bedroom gallery wall with our engagement and wedding photos.

The Best Part

Moon Diamond Print – $50

This is a show-stopper! I love that the artist shot pictures of the moon and clutching them right into a stunning diamond. The artwork is 24″ x 24″ — a dimension you don’t frequently find in the affordable-print arena.

I’d definitely pair this alongside my mushroom-colored couch with bold-printed pillows to tie the two together.

Colosseo Poster – $100

This iconic building is designed out of kind — so perfect for your design-oriented collector. The poster is 24″ x 16″, which will take up a decent quantity of space on a gallery wall.

I have one of Cameron’s other posters hanging with additional hand-drawn pieces. This could be beautiful alongside more picture prints and artwork. Furthermore, I love how this print could stand by itself at a more traditional/formal area, in addition to a more contemporary/casual space.


Hand Cut Paper Horses – $100

The Southwest vibe is definitely on fad in the fashion industry, so why not integrate it into the house? I love this take on horse artwork — it’s bold and fragile and comprises both masculine and feminine topics.

I’d want this layout on my walls or on a pillow.


‘Tree of Life’ by Gary, Aaron & Khairul – SGD 45

What a trendy artwork thought: a cross section of a tree! I love the simple, natural nature of the print and the way that it may go in any number of spaces.

I’d get a calligrapher and play the family tree theme to have each family member’s name lettered round the circumference of the cross section.

Air Lines Print – $44

I love how this print does not show outlines of the continents or states; instead, people are inferred in the airline patterns. This is a massive print (also available in smaller sizes), so it’s a perfect statement piece for a very affordable price. Also available in dark.

I have framed our passport photos, and I’d certainly group them photos with this print to get a travel dialogue. Maps are a great way to decorate!

Urban Outfitters Print Shop

Axolotl into Zebra Art Print – $15

This print comes in a selection of sizes perfect for fitting into a small nook. Printed on bright white paper, this really tempts me to watercolor just a little color to it, or cut down it so the case bleeds off the page.

There’s something really fantastic about this case, perhaps it’s the combination of woodland, desert and sea monsters all in one swirly cloud.


The Love Cage Print by Judykaufmann – $25

I adore this print! The artist, Judy Kaufmann, has some stunning graphic and bold pieces in her shop. I enjoy this one because of its simplicity and contour.

It’s called “The Love Cage” — how cute is to hand-letter the names of loved ones at the center? A bright color could be particularly enjoyable.


OLUNDA Print – $39.99

This IKEA print, taken from the book of Matisse, is a great way to integrate the beauty and art of the human form while being family-friendly.

The size and simplicity of the artwork make it perfect to get a gallery group at a living room, entryway or hallway.


“Where There is Love There Is Not Any Darkness” Lasercut by julene – $90

Perfect artwork for your bedroom! Frame it with a coordinating paper supporting in a shadow box for additional thickness. I adore the folk-art embellishments here. It’s simply adorable.

Urban Outfitters

Tree Tapestry – $39

This thin tapestry is an affordable way to liven up a large dead wall. The shade is fun — perhaps not the typical black-and-white.

I’d tack this to my kitchen wall and use it as a family tree of sorts. I’d get coordinating bright colored paper and use it to hand-letter relatives’ names. This may also be a fun way to organize chores or recall birthdays.


Looks Like Rain Print by EloiseRenouf – $25

This is a fun and playful print. I adore the fish-scale theme and that it’s been used in the cloud together with stripes and raindrops.

I’d probably hang this with a colorful mat and white or grey frame.


Chalkboard State Map by shopdirtsa – $45

Though this is technically regarded as a toy, it is beautiful and may work in any home. Perfect for the kitchen or sand room! It’s decorative and practical: write lists, notes, etc., and then wipe it off when done.


Fox Bubble Print by VIZArt – $20

I’m attracted to the soft lines and textures outlining this fox. This is not your typical hipster fox print. We all know how hot the fox is at the present time, but this takes the trend to a higher degree. The artist includes a series of creature bubble prints; it might be great to accumulate all them.

Charley Harper Prints

Condominium Lithograph – $50

I love the repetition in this print and also the abstract manner in which Charley Harper illustrates animals. Perfect for any room in the house.

Studio On Fire

Golden Rule Letterpress Poster – $30

Meaningful artwork is what matches a house with personality. This poster — a father-son collaboration — is so clever. I’d include this at a gallery with more children’s artwork. Perfect for dressing up a bland hallway with just a little youth. The smiling sun is my favorite of all the little examples.


Stegosaurus Dinosaur Butcher Diagram by TheWordShop – $12.95

This print is completely hilarious. It are the perfect way to bring a little comedy into a living space or a nursery school. I want me some dino meat!

Letterpressed F – $40

Jessica Hische’s design function is out of the world. She is the Eames of contemporary typography, famously known for her daily drop cap undertaking.

She is currently offering a few of her fall caps as letterpress prints. I’d love to collect various letters (or all E) and also have an entire wall or room with a lettered theme. This F is stunning, and I love the bold pops of red.


Looking Bird by ashmae – $8

I adore Ashmae’s work all! This painting is very cool to me for the use of neutrals and the bold pop of red.

This bit is published on Moab (KILLER) paper!) I’d hang this with more neutral artwork so it actually pops out.


Abstract Love Watercolor by fairysomnia – $40

Another great piece for your living room or bedroom. I adore the simple grayscale with a little bit of red. I’d pair this at a trio with the laser-cut and the Jessica Hische letter F for an eclectic, yet cohesive look.

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