Vintage Style: General Store Decor

4 Jul

Vintage Style: General Store Decor

Although I find myself enjoying a quick life in town, I often let my thoughts to wander into the country. As a young child, I remember traveling to the small city of Milledgeville, GA with one of my very best buddies. Her family owned a general store that reminded me of the ones seen in films. We frequently wondered who on earth would want all that old, worn things. Little did we know this old stuff would afterwards be treasured family heirlooms, which we would soon have an appreciation of reclaimed woods, handmade vases and patinaed metal buckets.

My how times have changed, although some things remain the same. What I love to call general store decor remains just as popular now as it was afterward. Here are a few examples in homes across the country. Please feel free to include your own photographs, too!

Dreamy Whites

Whitewashed wood furniture co-mingles using a fragrant melange of lavender and daffodils while the crystal chandelier makes dining with mason jars feel as more than just a casual meal. Among this eclectic mixture of country and rustic, the older ladder in the background doesn’t seem as foreign as it appears.

Recycle, reuse and reinvent something beautiful. In this lovely vignette, a publication tree crafted from older torn pages obviously coexists with salvaged palladian windows. A repurposed cloche strengthens the shabby chic aesthetic.

Classic grain sacks and classic ironing cloths inject a feeling nostalgia and history to the room. Notice the chair seat has also been reupholstered with a vintage grain sack.

Dreamy Whites

Old glass bottles become immediate decoration when arranged in attractive clusters. The worn shutter against the wall helps to make an appreciation for this collected look.

Reconsider antique cloths. This memo upholstered in a gingham print reminds me of a summer of Southern country picnics.

Lucid Interior Design Inc..

Be lively by employing vintage signage in unexpected places. This”Use at Your Own Risk” sign adds a little humor to a toilet.

A vintage file holder has found a new life for a plate rack. Preserving the patina on a bit like this allows the character of the house to glow through.

Schwartz and Architecture

In this hardworking pantry, perfectly organized mason jars attractively display the season’s harvest.

Sweet as a Candy

This glossy red kitchen puts a while into part control.

Kasey Buick

Burlap drapes choose a softer persona when paired with vibrant whites and watery colors.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Apothecary jars turn everyday items — or an range of coral, seashellssea salt — to interesting discoveries.

Do you have a tiny general store fashion at home? We would love to see your photographs!

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