To Drape a Throw or Fold It?

11 Jul

To Drape a Throw or Fold It?

You know those people who will fling a throw from the air and get it to land at an ideal, graceful cascade about the goal piece of furniture? Yeah … I’m not among them. But that doesn’t stop me from trying — there’s something about the tender, sinuous drape of a blanket that arouses a lived-in sensibility and an air of warmth. Design mavens tend to disagree (I have a friend and former colleague who calls it the “toss like a salad” approach). In the majority of the interiors I visit, throws are neatly folded and graphically put, which offers a cleaner, crisper look.

Neither strategy is wrong. It truly depends upon the feel that you would like to create and also the spin that you would like to provide your space. Whichever design speaks to you, the photos below can assist you in making it work.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Ever so slightly rumpled, whispers of sink-right-in comfort throw. I believe sharp creases and strict folds would make it look too stiff for the atmosphere.

Valerie insides inc, + design

On the flip side, a neatly folded blanket over the conclusion of the chaise sets off the sharp lines of this routine and of the entire space.

CIH Design

This sheepskin throw would not look nearly as luxurious if it were stitched and brushed with the sofa. Its lushness calls for a sexy slump to the floor.

Katerina Tana Design

The trick in a gathered space is to avoid creating a messy look. Maintaining this yellow throw folded helps to keep clutter in check.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

By contrast, this offhandedly tossed blanket reinforces the unstudied, casual look of the cozy corner. Its secret? Not trying too hard.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Twin throws based on the backs of these slipper chairs enhance the room’s contemporary notes instead of its traditional ones.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

A draped throw at a brilliant color can help to loosen up this formal entry. The pooch doesn’t hurt either.

Annette English

This living room is all about significance: lines, angles, curves. A graphically positioned throw doesn’t interrupt the balance.

Lindy Donnelly

Puddling gently on the floor, this throw whispers of a relaxing day spent with a good book or a night with a glass of champagne and a nibble. It would not look nearly as inviting if the blanket were neater.

sarah & bendrix

Two accents that might have felt too sweet — the center artwork and the plaid throw — get a modern, graphic spin.

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