Straight-Up Advice for Corner Spaces

6 Oct

Straight-Up Advice for Corner Spaces

The perfect home is as visually pleasing as it is functional. The former is best accomplished through your favourite decor, and the second by maximizing your space efficiently. This means taking into consideration every nook and cranny — including your corners.

Corners could be overlooked when it comes to designing, but by taking advantage of a corner’s possible, you can make the most of the performance of your home. Whether you need a home office, a place to hide the toaster or an accessible place to stock wine during a celebration, the corner might be exactly the solution.

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Taking benefit of corner space may boost function in various ways. A banquette built into the corner of a kitchen maximizes seating, and it is great for big families or entertaining.

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The kitchen is not the only space that may benefit from built-in corner seating. Consider adding a custom chair for your living space, particularly if your space is on the smaller side. A compact design, like the one in this picture, reduces the bulk of freestanding furnishings and helps to start the space.

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There are a couple corners in your home that might have gone unnoticed, like the one where the underside of the staircase matches a wall. This may be the ideal place to incorporate a little home office area.


Recessed spaces additionally might slip past your attention. Rather than letting these corners fall to the wayside, transform them into something useful, like comfy chairs nooks with benches. This living room is now much more open to entertaining with the addition of extra seating space.

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Make the most from your mudroom by turning the corner into a storage area. Complete it with cupboards, drawers, hooks, shelves and benches to cover a variety of needs. With each season comes with a bounty of stuff, which means you will be pleased to have tons of space to hide it.

Sometimes, an extra drawer along with a chalkboard are all you need to feel a little bit more fair. Produce a built-in nook like in this example to keep track of notes on the board or loose-leaf newspapers in the drawer.

Architects, Webber + Studio

Consider what opportunities lie interior of your corners. Is it possible you may carve out a market like in this example? You could turn it into a home office, a pub or only a space to corral toys. If this kind of renovation is within your budget, it could prove to be a lifesaver.

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We all know that there can never be enough storage in kitchen. Maximize it by simply taking advantage of every corner, including those found in your island. Insert a little cabinet or simple shelving to create additional spots to save things.

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While we love our appliances, they do not necessarily have to be in plain sight. Hide them by constructing a little storage nook in the corner of the countertop.

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Think that the concave corner presents the only opportunity for transformation? No way. The convex corner demonstrates just as easy with the inclusion of a little counter and stools, developing a cozy nook for breakfast or coffee.

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Not all corner transformations require built-in additions or renovations. A reading corner is a classic use of a corner area, and with good reason. All you need is a comfy chair, good lighting and ideally a side table to carry a glass of wine, and you’ve got yourself a comfy corner.

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It can be complicated to determine a piano’s positioning on your area, but a corner may often be the best option. This makes it out of the main area of your living area, and lets the corner become committed to audio. Pick out the look further by adding shelving to the corner (either built or freestanding) to get a romantic library texture.

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Have you been trying to discover the ideal place to market spirits for entertaining? All you really need is a free corner along with a pub cart. Accessorize your refreshments with knickknacks or new flowers, along with your corner will end up both functional and visually attractive.

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Never underestimate furnishings built for corners; they could become your space-saving best friends. In little dining rooms, consider a corner cupboard for the dishware collection. This leaves the walls available to other pieces, like a large mirror to help further open the area.

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Get smart with your bed placement by shoving it in the corner; depending upon your layout, it may enhance the overall flow of your area. This custom L-shape headboard keeps seats flexible and has a very complicated appeal.

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Insert a little shelving unit and fill it with your favourite goodies. Sometimes filling a corner with beautiful items is the perfect way to generate use of the space.

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