How to Install a Starter and Rewind the Spring to a McCulloch String Trimmer

28 Nov

The way to Get a Homelite Model 330 Chain Saw Running

Even if your chain saw is an older model like the Homelite 330, with proper maintenance and care, it can nevertheless serve you for several decades. When you encounter an issue that stops your chain saw from starting, however, you might be tempted to invest in a brand new version. Rather than giving up too […]
18 Nov

The way to construct a Modern Fabric Shoji Screen

Black bamboo, an ancient Grass Care service Phoenix, AZ, grows as high as 30 feet tall and turns out a deep ebony since it matures. A few black bamboo poles, crosspieces and a few Asian-themed fabric will turn you into a contemporary folding shoji screen. These screens are at home with your Chinese and Japanese […]
27 Oct

The way to Revarnish a Table

Your scratched, scuffed, stained or dull wood table needs some shine — but you can not just slap a fresh coat of varnish on it if you would like to preserve the beauty of the timber. The job is a lot more complicated and labor-intensive compared to a paintbrush and a can of clear end. […]
12 Oct

How to Troubleshoot a King Ashley 5500 Pellet Stove

Since 1869, the United States Stove Company has focused on producing steel wood-burning stoves, and its own 5500 versions — the 5500, 5500XL and 5500M, also referred to as the King or Ashley series — are no exception. While this line includes modern features such as digital screens, air-wash glass and integrated damper controls, they […]
3 Oct

Briggs & Stratton Electronic Ignition Installation

A digital ignition is a mini transformer in a engine. It transforms the resting low voltage of a battery to the high voltage necessary for combustion. Briggs & Stratton engines have been observed on various tools, but lawn mower engines are among the most frequently used of their merchandise. Sometimes the electronic ignition overlooks and […]
19 Sep

How to Troubleshoot a Dyson DC17 Absolute Animal Upright Vacuum

Originally published in 2011, the Dyson DC17 Animal — part of the organization’s Absolute line — has since been usurped by models such as the DC65 Animal Complete and also the DC50 Animal. Like its successors, this upright model features a rotating brush bar and also a high-efficiency particulate air filter — both staples of […]
12 Sep

How Does a Briggs & Stratton Electric Starter Work?

Several small engines, like those in gas-powered lawn tools, use a recoil starter system. The motor is started from the user, who pulls a rope which spins a pulley which connects to the crank shaft and then the flywheel. Manufacturers like Briggs & Stratton have invented electrical starters that can replace recoil systems. An electric […]
24 Aug

Panel Light Problem With a Dishwasher

The most frequent problems with lights on a microwave control panel — flashing and blinking — could signal a few things. Common issues involve the heat element, improper functioning of the drain pump or a faulty touch pad. If an error code replaces the flashing, then check the wiring diagram, technology appliance or sheet manual […]
20 Aug

The way to Put in a Handicapped Shower

Designing and building a shower available to users with physical challenges requires more planning and space compared to a conventional shower requires. There is a good deal to be taken into consideration when you install an accessible shower, however also the Americans with Disabilities Act provides guidelines for builders who wish to design a shower […]