Hearts and Flowers Ice Plant Care

31 Jan

Hearts and Flowers Ice Plant Care

Hearts and flowers ice plant (Aptenia cordifolia) is also also referred to as heart-leaf or infant sunshine rose ice plant. A really challenging and drought-tolerant plant, hearts and flowers ice plant is a flexible perennial that produces flowers that are vibrant, appealing from spring to fall. The plant is suggested for the Environment Zones 1 1 to 13 and 21 to 24 of Sunset.


A native of hearts, South Africa and flowers ice plant is a succulent that grows to a peak of approximately 10″. Its stems path on the floor, covering an area of approximately 3-feet in diameter. Its leaves are heart-shaped fleshy and and its tiny, daisy-like magenta flowers appear in summer and spring and are popular with butterflies. The plant is called ice plant and stems seem frosty because of the covering of small hairs that reflect light.


Prepare a planting hole for the ice plant which is larger in relation to the root ball. Remove the plant and, in the event the plant is root bound, gently loosen the roots that are outer to pace development that is new. Place the plant in the hole in the same depth as it was in its container, back-filling the hole and spreading the roots outward. Although normal fertilization is not required by succulents, including a small reduced – nitrogen fertilizer or one created to the planting hole for cacti will assist your plant get off to an excellent start.


Hearts and will flourish in a warm, sunny place in your backyard and flowers ice plant is extremely tolerant. Even though it might not bloom as profusely as when grown in full sunlight it tolerates shade. The plant prefers a well- area and wants only dampness that is reasonable, except during warm, summer dry spells when normal watering will help keep it wholesome.


Flowers ice plant and hearts is a perfect bedding plant. Its practice aids complete areas between other crops and its own height makes it a great option for the entrance of the mattress. It does properly planted above a wall, where its stems will develop the wall down, offering a burst of color throughout blooming period and covering parts of the masonry. Flowers and hearts ice plant is an excellent selection to get a hanging basket, blended with other crops or possibly planted.

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