How to Replace a Bathroom Bar with a Single Light

23 Nov

How to Replace a Bathroom Bar with a Single Light

Some like the lighting and the decor, can battle when you are giving your bathroom a makeover. Replacing a classic toilet bar with a single light fixture may give your bathroom a more romantic feel. This is a home improvement project, but when finishing it, you do need to exercise caution as you’re dealing with electricity, and a wrong move can hurt or kill you.

Switch off the electricity into the circuit to the toilet light in the main electrical box of your home.

By turning the switch in the toilet on and off Examine the circuit. Return to the main panel if it goes on and switch off the suitable circuit. If the light does not turn on, flip the light switch back into the”Off” position as an excess safety precaution.

Unscrew the light bulbs and eliminate them.

Unscrew the bar and pull it socket. Untwist and remove the plastic spin caps that connect the wires and the ends of the wires in the mild together socket. Until you examine them Don’t touch the bare wires. Have an assistant hold the lighting bar for you if it is heavy.

By putting the probes of a tester onto the bare wires Examine the circuit . Separate the wires from the bar from the wires leading from the wall in case you don’t get a reading. Return to the main box, if you receive a reading and then switch the circuit off. Assessing may look like overkill, but it is always better to be safe than sorry if dealing with electricity.

Strip 1/2 inch of insulation from the white, black and green wires on the new light fixture with a pair of wire strippers.

Connect the wiring from the new light fixture into the wires socket. Put together the ends of the wires that are white, and twist them three times with a set of pliers. Place a plastic twist cap onto the bare wire tips, and twist it two or three times. Connect the two wires together using this technique, followed by the wire from the bare cable and the light these are ground wires.

Tuck the wiring to the box at the wall and place the lighting fixture against the walls socket. Screw the fixture.

Patch the holes in the wall from where the bulb was screwed to it.

Apply primer to the patches and the area of the wall in which the bar was allow it to dry.

In which the lighting bar was to match the surrounding walls paint the wall. Allow it to dry and add a second coat.

Screw a light bulb to the fixture that is new. Switch the power back on.

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