How to Maintain Gutters

29 May

How to Maintain Gutters

The gutter system available in many homes is designed to drain water away from the roof during rainy seasons. Water accumulation either on the roof or around your home can cause very serious damage. It can cause the roof to leak or the shingles to come off. If the water runs from the roof to accumulate around the house, you may end up with very serious foundation issues. Water clogging can also lead to other inconveniences for you as a homeowner. It’s based on this that you must always make sure that the handyman services Overland Park KS are in good condition.

Here are a few maintenance tips that you can explore:

Pre-Clean Gutters

You will need a ladder in order to access the gutter system for cleaning. The first step is to get rid of the goop. The downspouts tend to have all the goop so pay attention to them. If you haven’t cleaned the gutter system for a while, it’s very likely that there will be a lot of leaves and other debris clogging the downspouts. This really makes it very hard for the water to smoothly move through. As you clean off the goop, you may also want to get rid of mildew and mud too. And before you throw out the decomposed leaves, just remember that they can be a great mulch or compost for your garden.

Check Gutter Spikes

Although the debris clogging the handyman Overland Park KS poses the biggest challenge for many homeowners, it’s also important to pay attention to the spikes that hold the gutter system in place. Newly installed gutter systems will have fastened and tight spikes. However, as time goes by, the spikes will become loose due to wear and tear. The gutter system starts to sag and this limits its ability to move water. If your spikes are too old then you need to replace them. If they are just loose try to fasten them as tight as you can.

Check for Leaks

The purpose of any gutter system is to move water from the roof accordingly. The goal is to ensure there’s no water accumulation either on the roof or around your property. But sometimes the gutter system may in fact leak all the water. This can be caused by a number of things including loose spikes, sagging handyman Overland Park, or clogged downspouts. To fix any leaks, you will need to seal off any holes in the gutter system or cracks that form around the caulking.

Use a Pressure Washer to Clean Gutters

Many homeowners don’t clean their gutter system on a regular basis. Cleaning is usually done twice or thrice a year. This means that every time you decide to clean, there will be a lot of debris to remove. You will need heavy machinery to get this done and a pressure washer is highly advised. The washer will easily remove any clogged debris without any issues.

Making gutter systems work as efficiently as possible is easy and all you need is a routine cleaning and maintenance strategy. Make sure you explore the tips above too.