Find Out What Foundation Type Does Your House Have

7 Oct

Find Out What Foundation Type Does Your House Have

All houses have a foundation. However, all Pasadena concrete are not the same. The kind of foundation that the house is built on depends on various factors. This includes things such as the design of the house, where it’s physically located, type of soil and moisture conditions, the climate and the budget for the house. Chances are high that your house has one of these foundations: crawlspace, full basement or slab-on-grade. Even though there are other kinds of bases, these three are the most common ones.

Full Basement Foundation

This foundation is six feet high, making it one of the deepest. However, the basement can be higher than this do you can convert it into living space. Doing this can double the living space that a house has.

You can choose to heat or cool the basement or it can be unconditioned. This kind of basement has structural foundation walls that are supported by foundation footings, which go around the perimeter of the basement. Theses footings go beyond the frost line which is how far down the ground freezes during winter.

The daylight basement is a variation of the foundational basement. The daylight basement is usually built on sloping ground so that one of its sides is exposed above ground to daylight, while the other sides are fully submerged underground. This allows for large windows and doors to be installed to allow in lots of light.

Poured concrete or mortared concrete block are usually used to make the Pasadena foundation repair of most contemporary homes.

Crawlspace Foundation

The foundation walls of this kind of basement are usually supported by footings. The walls of this foundation are usually 4 feet high or shorter, leaving space underneath the house, where you can crawl through if you are lying flat on your belly. Sometimes they might be big enough to provide storage room.

The crawl space is usually not heated and might have small vents that allow for ventilation.

These foundations are usually much cheaper to build since they don’t use up as much material and labor as full basements do.

Concrete Slab-on-Grade

This kind of foundation is much cheaper to build when compared to a full basement or crawlspace Pasadena foundation repair. This is a concrete slab that’s built on grade (ground level). This is often done in climates where the ground doesn’t freeze or thaw since this can cause the foundation to crack.

This kind of base is quite good for protecting against termite invasion, making it quite appropriate for use in warmer climates.

The biggest disadvantage that this kind of foundation has is that the electrical and plumbing pipes are usually placed below the slab. Therefore, in case there’s a problem with any of these utilities, it means that they have to be dug up from the underneath the slab. In addition, this foundation doesn’t provide any option for living or storage space.