Dramatic Lighting for Low Ceilings

20 May

Dramatic Lighting for Low Ceilings

One of the most typical design issues when picking overhead lighting is finding the right fixture for your ceiling height. Lower ceilings, even when 8-feet large, can make it tough to find a fixture that creates a sense of style without looking utilitarian.

Here is the design dilemma: The bottom of the light fixture ought to be suspended no lower than 6’8″ above the floor to avoid hitting your head when walking underneath. When you’ve got an 8-foot high ceiling, that leaves you just 16″ of height to play for a stunning lighting fixture.

Most gorgeous chandeliers and intriguing light fixtures don’t fit to the 16″ high category, and if they do they are just 16″ wide which can result in a dinky lighting fixture in a larger room.

I’ve established a roundup of some eye-catching possibilities for low ceilings which will fix your low-ceiling woes and won’t leave you yearning for all those large stunning chandeliers.

CWB Architects

This dwelling and drama area is a great example of a ceiling height, that while not extraordinarily low, can’t home a large striking lighting fixture. The fixture they picked is low profile and large in diameter to create drama without the probability of a bump on the noggin. The bands from the fixture play perfectly from the circular holes in the architecture.

Lamps Plus

Robert Abbey Anemone 23 1/2″ Wide Ceiling/Wall Light Fixture – $501.91
The fixture by Robert Abbey utilized in the room above is almost 2 feet in diameter and less than 12 inches high. This fixture is ideal for a living room or entrance where you are not given the luxury of high-ceilings.

Elizabeth Gordon

The designer of the living room here generated drama on the ceiling with background and a ceiling mounted mirror, however, this same look can be achieved with a light fixture to illuminate the room.

Interior HomeScapes

Sunburst Light Fixture – $610.05
This sunburst fixture could create exactly the identical drama as seen above. At just 4″ deep, it can even be set up on a 7-foot ceiling. This gorgeous sunburst fixture is almost 42″ wide, which makes it ideal for large rooms with low ceilings.

Interior HomeScapes

Flame Light Fixture – $1,712.55
This gorgeous flame fixture is a little larger than the sunburst fixture above and has a bit more detail. This ceiling lighting won’t just illuminate the room, but it is going to also serve as a statement piece.

Heather Garrett Design

The bedroom is a place in which you wish to create mood and fashion. Typically a great boudoir chandelier is a great way to do that, but whenever you’ve got a lower ceiling you run the risk hitting your head on the headboard becoming in and out of bed. This bedroom is a superb example of making use of a gorgeous fixture while still keeping the height constraints in mind.

Oly Studio

Oly Pipa Bowl Chandelier
This pieced resin bowl, pictured at the bedroom above, is just 14″ high and almost 3 feet in diameter! It’s the ideal scale for a low to medium ceiling.

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

A great method to tackle lighting at a hallway with a very low ceiling is to create repetition using a flush-mounted ceiling lighting. This repetitive pattern can create interest and drama when you don’t have the room for a larger fixture.

Lamps Plus

Jonathan Adler Parker Nickel Ceiling Light – $246.99
This flush-mounted fixture by Jonathan Adler is an excellent modern solution for a hallway, small entrance, small bathroom, or even laundry room. The nickel detailing generates interest to an otherwise mundane style fixture, and the pattern of lighting that’ll be reflected from this fixture will probably be an intriguing touch to the space it is housed in. This fixture is a little over 7″ high, which will fit in just about any space!

AIA, Mark English Architects

Besides decorative lighting fittings, you can also create lighting for low-ceilings using architecture. This bedroom produced a dramatic setting employing an l-shaped soffit with gentle recessed lighting on both the wall and ceiling.

Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design, LLC

In this living room, rather than using a decorative ceiling fixture, cove lighting was developed to create added interest to the room and illuminate the room.

A few tips to remember:

1. The bottom of your ceiling fixture should be no greater than 6’8″ above the floor, unless it is hung over a desk or table, to avoid hitting your mind.

2. To create an eye-catching look at a massive area with low ceilings, search for a fixture that’s large in diameter or width, but with a lower profile at height like the choice displayed in this bedroom.

3. For drama and fashion in a long hallway with low ceilings, attempt repetition with a stylized flush-mounted fixture.

4. You can also create a special look with cove lighting and architectural features whenever there isn’t room for a large chandelier or decorative lighting fixture.

When you’re coping with lower ceilings which simply won’t accommodate a large dramatic light fixture, then do not fret! There are a few choices out there to help you create a unique environment while still adhering to height restrictions.

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