Bath Door Swing Regulations

22 Jul

Bath Door Swing Regulations

Normally, residential bedroom doors swing into the room and break against the wall when completely opened. Although this is a common sight in numerous residences, it is not always required by code or law. In reality, it’s usually up to the homeowner to set up bedroom doors so they swing in a way which best […]
13 Jul

Decorative Wood Trim for a Fireplace Surround

A surround specifies the expression of a fireplace, while it’s traditional, contemporary, ornate or simple. Updating the look of a fireplace surround is frequently necessary when you change the style of the room. Even if you’ve got a brick fireplace surround, then adding decorative wood trim around the brick provides the fireplace a brand new […]
25 Jun

How to Troubleshoot a KitchenAid Architect Series II Electric Range

Even though KitchenAid’s lineup of Architect Series II ranges includes many petrol and dual-fuel appliances, versions such as KERS306BSS, KERS807SSS, KIRS608BSS, KESS908SPS and KERS50XSS are electric-powered. These industrial-style, 30-inch electric ranges vary in features — some have four elements though some characteristic five, and a few pack double ovens, for example — but whenever your […]
23 May

What Size Belt Is required for a John Deere 214 Mowing Deck?

John Deere has become a household name in the USA for manufacturing everything from tractors and plows to lawn mowers and snow blowers. Finding the right parts for a John Deere lawn mower can be daunting, due to the several different models and makes available. However, for belt replacement on the John Deere 214 riding […]
14 May

Construction Codes for Tempered Glass Close to Stairs

Almost 2,000 people are killed each year and thousands more are injured in the United States because of falls on stairs, according to the National Safety Council. While staircase present plenty of threats by themselves, glass installed near the staircase can increase injury risk even more. Many residential building codes require the use of tempered […]
26 Apr

Clearance Allowed for a Cabinet Drawer Opening in a Wall

If you have to finish a run of cabinets against a wall, the clearance for opening drawers can be tight. Flush drawer fronts surrounded by face frames have plenty of clearance between the wall and the drawer front’s edge, as do partial, or regular, overlay drawers. However, with full overlay drawers, drawer fronts might scrape […]
5 Apr

How to Cut a Shower Curtain in Half Vertically

A shortcut to an inexpensive pair of curtains or an ornate upgrade for your shower starts with fundamental cutting and measuring. This old-but-still-good shower curtain is ready for Act 2 once you slice it down the middle and repurpose it as flounces in the nursery or as two side drapes to frame a plain, waterproof […]
24 Mar

The way to Get a Window Over a Bathtub

Installing a window over a bathtub is much like installing a window in any other wall, however there are a couple considerations unique to windows located over a tub. Moisture control is chief among these, but since you plan the installation of a Designer Bathroom Concepts Milwaukee, you’ll also have to consider factors such as […]
22 Mar

How to Figure PSI at Sprinkler Systems

Automated sprinkler system kits make it possible to save money by installing your own system, however they need sufficient water pressure, measured in “psi,” or pounds per square inch, to operate various fixtures together each line of tubing. If you’ve never worked with water pressure or automatic irrigation systems, then you might want to rely […]