Month: October 2018

29 Oct

Ranch Home in the Northwest Suburbs

What is apparently a normal suburban house from the exterior is really a rustic western hideaway for newlyweds Matt and Kimberly Weishoff. “We would really like to live on a ranch, but we can’t afford it at this time. We’ve made our ranch [style] home into a little ranch.” The newlyweds have been crafty with […]
26 Oct

To Covet: Jewelry for Your Teacup

Though I have enough trouble justifying”fancy” tea over $6 per box, I can’t help but covet this ethereal tea strainer. Turning a regular thing into something amazing is what good design is all about, right? Ted Muehling Tea Strainer – $300 Yes, it’s $300(!) , but it is made of sterling silverafter all. The butler […]
22 Oct

Eco-Friendly Projects, 6 Powerful

Every one of the next homes was designed with all the priorities of energy efficiency, health and treading gently on the ground, yet they are all strikingly distinct from one another. Keep reading to find out how designers are saving assets, saving costs, and working with sustainable materials to make the tiniest of homes and […]
18 Oct

11 Colors From the Spice Cabinet

Want to liven up your own palette? Take a glimpse in the pantry. From saffron yellow and paprika red to nutmeg and cinnamon browns, inspiration is hiding right in the spice jars. Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc) Turmeric yellows and lush textures radiate luxury in this monochromatic room. Since the colors are retained tone-on-tone, […]
12 Oct

12 Fantasy Dining Rooms

As an interior designer, it’s rare I get a chance to design a residential room for general consumption. So when the chance came up to work on a project that will be looked at by the public and serves a fantastic cause, I jumped at the chance. In what’s rapidly become Portland, Oregon’s premier design […]
9 Oct

10 New Color Palettes

It seems as though with every passing week, the next layer becomes added to the clothing lineup. It began with a change from shorts to pants. Soon the sweaters were pulled on and the scarves have been all wrapped. And I have to say I was fairly smitten to rock my favorite knit hat last […]