Category: Remodeling

4 Jun

Architect’s Toolbox: Beautifully Layered Spaces

One of those tools we architects and designers utilize is spatial layering — essentially, making smaller spaces seem larger and more intriguing by linking to and suggesting spaces beyond. This is achieved by dividing a space into bits that have characterized beginnings and ends and by using framed openings, columns and”floating” walls. We also encourage […]
11 Apr

House Planning: The best way to Pick Tile

Elaborate techniques apart, tile only refers to any type of substance that is long-lasting that may be placed in rows over an area. It most generally describes glass, ceramic, porcelain, and rock, while individuals have interpreted that to mean everything from sound gold in bathrooms and kitchens, to damaged sea-shells. All the substances are wonderful, […]
3 Feb

Piled Rock In the House

Need to include feel, some natural heat and drama to your house? Attempt piled rock. This is an original three dimensional veneer composed of cut stone sections. These come attached to some backing and therefore are installed in modules like tile. You will locate these panels with costs including $10-40 per squarefoot, in many Lawn […]