Category: Furnishings

30 Jun

French Polishing and Finishing Furniture

French polishing is a method of hand-finishing wood surfaces with many thin layers of shellac to generate a polished surface with all the look of depth. It is a beautiful surface but less durable as other finishes like varnish. It can easily be damaged by alcohol or water nonetheless, it’s a lot easier to fix […]
28 Jun

How to Get Minor Blemishes From Aluminum Siding

Aluminum has been a frequent choice in home siding for decades. Its many advantages include moderate cost, effective insulating material properties and effortless care. Aluminum siding isn’t entirely maintenance-free, nevertheless. Exposure to the elements, a stray basketball or pebbles kicked up with a lawn mower can cause slight scratches and tiny dents. Oxidation known as”chalking” […]
20 Jun

Sanding and Restaining a Dresser

If your dresser requires a new coat of stain, then you could be preventing the job due to the stripper. However, you don’t always need to use a stripper if you don’t plan to lighten the color. You may not require a sander, depending upon the condition of the dresser and the finish. You can […]