Month: January 2020

29 Jan

How to Fill Bamboo Floor Joints

Bamboo is a grass, but when manufacturers press stands together to form flooring boards, the boards can be as tough as maple or oak, and they respond to moisture in a similar manner. They shrink when they dry out, and gaps may form between them. You can generally fill a couple of gaps without much […]
25 Jan

Companion Plants for Squash & Cucumbers

Companion plants are the ones that benefit each other when planted in near proximity. They bring beneficial insects and store away pests, and they provide cultural advantages such as nutrients, shade and support to their garden pals. Cucurbits, including cucumbers and squash, are vegetables commonly found in home gardens, and they’re frequently planted with companion […]
23 Jan

Privacy Fence Shrubs

Dense shrubs with a minimal maintenance requirement are ideal for producing a natural fence. When planted in masses, these shrubs block the view of unsightly streets while providing a few seclusion to your yard with their attractive foliage and blooms. Evergreen Shrubs for Sun When the region wanting the privacy fence receives between 6 to […]
21 Jan

Oiling Terracotta Planters

Terracotta planters have a wealthy, orange-red colour that tends to fade or become covered with mineral deposits over time. Although some gardeners like this crusty, Old World look, others prefer a more pristine, well-cared-for appearance. This coating can be somewhat scrubbed away, but stains will remain. By oiling your stained terracotta planter, you can restore […]
19 Jan

List of Self Pollinating Cherry Trees

Trees with perfect blooms — meaning each blossom owns both male and female parts, the stamen and the pistil, respectively — don’t require pollinators to produce fruit. Among such self-fruitful or self-fertile trees, the cherry is a prolific producer not only of fruit, but of showy, bountiful flowers perfect for home orchards or simply for […]
17 Jan

Common Pond Plants in North America

Whether its as little as a half oak barrel or several hundred gallons, a pond provides a bit of beauty and interest to the garden. Ponds also let you test your hand at developing a few of the numerous pond plants available at specialty nurseries and garden centres around North America. Pond plants serve to […]
15 Jan

How to Wash a Lampshade

Lampshades eventually become stale and dingy, even in the event that you wipe or vacuum them down regularly. The accumulated dust dims the light from the bulb and also ruins the expression of the shade. Periodic washing, one or two times a year, rejuvenates the lampshade and prevents permanent staining from accumulated dust or fingerprints. […]
12 Jan

List of Sensors With Purple & Green Debate

Although flowering plants consistently add beauty to the garden, it’s likely to produce a stunning effect using only plants with interesting foliage patterns and colours. Plants with showy foliage can be particularly useful alongside your patio or other outside dining space where incredibly aromatic flowers could be overpowering and unpleasant. Whether your space is in […]
9 Jan

How do I Clean and Make Wood Blinds Look Like New?

Under ideal conditions, wooden window blinds offer long-lasting great looks and durability. Keep these blinds in top shape by dusting them often. A wax-free furniture polish used only once in a while will keep these blinds seeming like new as long as you wash them regularly. Dust Frequently Dust the blinds each couple weeks, or […]