Month: October 2016

27 Oct

The way to Revarnish a Table

Your scratched, scuffed, stained or dull wood table needs some shine — but you can not just slap a fresh coat of varnish on it if you would like to preserve the beauty of the timber. The job is a lot more complicated and labor-intensive compared to a paintbrush and a can of clear end. […]
12 Oct

How to Troubleshoot a King Ashley 5500 Pellet Stove

Since 1869, the United States Stove Company has focused on producing steel wood-burning stoves, and its own 5500 versions — the 5500, 5500XL and 5500M, also referred to as the King or Ashley series — are no exception. While this line includes modern features such as digital screens, air-wash glass and integrated damper controls, they […]
3 Oct

Briggs & Stratton Electronic Ignition Installation

A digital ignition is a mini transformer in a engine. It transforms the resting low voltage of a battery to the high voltage necessary for combustion. Briggs & Stratton engines have been observed on various tools, but lawn mower engines are among the most frequently used of their merchandise. Sometimes the electronic ignition overlooks and […]