Month: December 2015

29 Dec

How to Hang a Cheval Mirror on Your Wall

A cheval mirror usually comes in the kind of a standing piece that rests on the floor. It’s secured to the rack by two ornamental screws through either side of the full-length mirror, but you can remove the screws and then store the rack if you want to work with the mirror to the wall […]
14 Dec

The way to Adjust the Salt Setting on a Culligan Water Softener

Newer Culligan water softeners have programmable functions that enable a homeowner to correct the salt level within the unit. Periodically resetting the salt level ensures the softener filters out unwanted minerals that can develop on faucets and cause the water to taste bitter. In case you have an old water softener, consult a Culligan technician […]
8 Dec

Can I Use Cow Manure for Planting Seeds and Bulbs?

Cow manure is a rich organic substance that contains most of the nutrients plants will need to grow and thrive. Howwever, new manure is too “hot” to use directly in the Grass Care service Littleton at planting Redding time once you yourself sow bulbs or seeds as well as move seedlings. It may do more […]