Month: March 2016

24 Mar

The way to Get a Window Over a Bathtub

Installing a window over a bathtub is much like installing a window in any other wall, however there are a couple considerations unique to windows located over a tub. Moisture control is chief among these, but since you plan the installation of a Designer Bathroom Concepts Milwaukee, you’ll also have to consider factors such as […]
22 Mar

How to Figure PSI at Sprinkler Systems

Automated sprinkler system kits make it possible to save money by installing your own system, however they need sufficient water pressure, measured in “psi,” or pounds per square inch, to operate various fixtures together each line of tubing. If you’ve never worked with water pressure or automatic irrigation systems, then you might want to rely […]
11 Mar

The way to Assess Your Spouse's Condenser

By releasing built-up heat energy, the condenser on your fridge has an integral part in keeping food at the appropriate temperature. Despite the refrigerator’s important part in the kitchen, many homeowners fail to properly maintain the condenser, resulting in higher energy bills, more repairs and a shorter lifespan for your appliance. Taking just five minutes […]